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Warranty FAQ

Plans & Pricing

Q.What are my service options?

Q.What's the difference between a Standard Limited Warranty and an Extended Service Plan?

A.Standard Limited Warranty is the warranty coverage that comes with your laptop, and is provided by Toshiba.
Extended Service Plans are purchased in addition to your Standard Limited Warranty and include things like Accidental Damage Service and Priority Service, as well as additional years of coverage beyond the length of your Standard Limited Warranty.

Q.I purchased a laptop from a retail store. Can I purchase the warranty from Toshiba Direct?

A.Yes, you can purchase an Extended Service Plan for any new Toshiba laptop, regardless of where it was purchased.
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Q.How can I find prices for extending coverage on my laptop?

A.To provide pricing we need to know a few details about your laptop, including when it was purchased. For your convenience, this information can be looked up on our end by using your laptop’s serial number.
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Q.Can I see pricing before I buy a laptop?

A.Yes. Add any laptop to your shopping cart to view the available Extended Service Plans for that model. (You can remove it from your cart later.)
For customized laptops, there will likely be some options available for Standard Limited Warranty during the customization process, although these vary by model.

Q.Why does the warranty price increase after 30 days?

A.For your convenience, Toshiba offers a discount for Extended Service Plans purchased within 30 days1 of the laptop purchase.

Q.If I purchase an Extended Service Plan, when does coverage begin?

A.Extended Service Plans start coverage immediately after your Standard Limited Warranty coverage expires — so, adding a 2nd-Year Extended Service Plan adds one additional year of coverage.

Q.What kind of warranty can I purchase for a refurbished laptop?

A.Refurbished laptops come with a 90-day standard limited warranty. Extended Service Plans, Priority Service and Accidental Damage Service are available for refurbished laptops at an additional cost.

Q.Do you offer student discounts for extended warranties or service plans?

A.No, student and other types of group discounts are not available at this time.

Q.Do you offer discounts for multiple warranty purchases?

A.Volume discounts are available. Call 800-316-0920 to place a volume order.

Q.How much does it cost to consult with technical support?

A.Complimentary technical support is free for the first 90 days with all standard limited warranties and free with extended service plans for the duration of your coverage by calling 800-457-7777. For technical support after your coverage has expired, call 800-457-7777 to obtain current pricing.

How to Purchase

Q.I purchased a laptop from a retail store. Can I purchase the warranty from Toshiba Direct?

A.Yes, you can purchase an Extended Service Plan for any new Toshiba laptop, regardless of where it was purchased.
Purchase an Extended Service Plan »

Q.How do I purchase a warranty?

A.For new laptops, you can purchase an Extended Service Plan during checkout. Just look for the Warranty options after adding the product to your shopping cart. Customizable laptops may also offer a few standard limited warranty options – look for them during customization.
For a laptop that you’ve already purchased, call 800-316-0920 and a sales representative will help you complete your Extended Service Plan order.

Q.What is LoJack?

A.LoJack® for Laptops is a computer theft recovery service provided by Absolute Software with remote device and data security features. If your laptop is stolen or missing, you will have the power to remotely block access to it and the personal data it contains, while Absolute Software’ dedicated Theft Recovery Team works to recover it for you.

Q.How do I download LoJack?

A.LoJack is available for purchase on a software CD.
If you’ve purchased an Extended Service Plan bundle that includes LoJack, you will receive a download code and instructions via email, approximately 2-3 business days following your purchase. If more than 3 business days have passed and your code hasn’t arrived, please contact your sales representative.

Q.If I buy a 2nd-Year Service Plan, can I buy a 3rd-Year Service Plan right before the 2nd-Year plan expires?

A.No, not at this time. All Extended Service Plans must be purchased within 12 months2 of the original laptop purchase.

Q.What are the time frames to purchase all the types of warranties?

A.Standard Limited Warranty is considered part of the laptop. It cannot be extended later.
Extended Service Plans and On-Site Service must be purchased within 12 months2 of the original laptop purchase date. Discounted pricing is available within 30 days1 of the original purchase date.
Accidental Damage Service and Priority Service must be purchased within 30 days of the original purchase date.

Q.Can I purchase a warranty for a computer that isn’t mine?

A.Yes, warranties and extended service plans are linked to the product, not to the product’s owner. To purchase an extended warranty for someone other than yourself, you will need the computer’s part number and serial number, as well as the name and address of the computer’s owner.

Q.Can I purchase a Toshiba Extended Service Plan in a retail store?

A.No, Toshiba Extended Service Plans are only available at

Q.Why don’t I receive a paper copy of my extended warranty or service plan with my laptop?

A.A paper copy of your extended service plan is sent separately and should arrive within 2-3 weeks of your purchase.


Q.What is covered by my warranty?

A.Standard Limited Warranty: parts and labor are covered for parts that are defective or have failed within the coverage period.
Extended Limited Warranty: same as Standard Limited Warranty, plus whatever add-ons have been purchased. (Ex: Accidental Damage.)
Accidental Damage Service: covers accidental damage due to handling on functional items. (Excludes cosmetic repairs such as worn keys, chipped paint, etc.)

Q.How does LoJack work and who do I contact if my laptop is stolen?

A.LoJack for Laptops official website »

(Mention of LoJack for Laptops products or services, including links to their web sites, is for informational purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation. Toshiba Direct provides this only as a convenience to our customers. Toshiba Direct does not endorse or assume any responsibility for the content, information, services or materials provided by LoJack. Use of any information obtained from LoJack is voluntary and reliance on it should only be undertaken after an independent review of its accuracy. Please contact LoJack directly for additional information.)

Q.How long are my battery and power adapter covered?

A.Laptop batteries are covered for one year, regardless of the length of Standard Limited Warranty or Extended Service Plan.
AC Adapters are covered for the length of the Standard Limited Warranty or Extended Service Plan.

Q.Can I transfer my extended service plan to a different computer?

A.No, not at this time. If you return your laptop and purchase a new one, the previous warranty will be considered returned as well. You will need to purchase a new extended service plan for the new laptop.

Q.Does the warranty cover pre-loaded software like Windows 7?

A.No, software is not covered by Standard Limited Warranty or Extended Service Plans. Please contact the software manufacturer for service.

Q.How many times can I use the warranty?

A.There is no limit to the number of repairs, however the cost of the repairs cannot exceed the cost of the unit. If the cost of repairs DOES exceed the cost of the unit, you can have the product returned to you without repair at no cost, OR you can choose to pay the remainder of the cost and continue with the repair.

Repair & Service

Q.How long will my repair take?

A.If parts are available, product repairs will generally be completed within 5-7 business days for standard plans. (Does not include shipping time.)
If parts are NOT available, repair time can vary greatly depending on the length of time needed for our suppliers to send the necessary parts. If your repair is delayed due to part shortage, you will receive notification from the Toshiba Repair Depot or your local on-site repair company, depending on the service you’ve chosen to use.
To check the status of your repair, contact the provider or call Toshiba Technical Support at 800-457-7777.

Q.How close do I need to live to a service center to receive On Site service?

A.On-Site Service is available to the vast majority of the United States. To check coverage in your area, contact Technical Support at 800-457-7777.
Response time for addresses more than 75 miles outside a metropolitan area will vary based on the amount of time it takes a technician to reach the address. (For example, next-day service may not be available for remote regions in Alaska because it will take the technician longer than one day to reach the address.)

1Some plans may not be available after 30-days.

2Not all plans are available after 30-days.

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