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Flash Memory Cards

  • Ideal for transferring files and multimedia
  • Great for adding extra storage to portable devices
  • Various capacities available

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SD, Micro SD and CompactFlash Memory Cards

SD, Micro SD and CompactFlash Memory Cards

Shuffle back and forth

Quick. What is one of the easiest ways to share, move music, videos, pictures and files from one place to the other, or keep your digital files safely offline? The answer is memory cards. They are portable, affordable, and reliable. Plus, they come in different sizes and formats to serve all your favorite gear, like laptops, cameras, camcorders, smart phones, TVs and tablet PCs. Feel free to grab as many as you need.

Great Convenience

Pull slideshows from your PC and show them on your TV. Swap files with colleagues. Turn in school assignments. Or transfer video from your camcorder to edit on your laptop. You digital life has so many scenarios. SD and micro SD memory cards suit them all. Plus, they’re a cinch to carry.

Excellent Reliability

SD and micro SD memory cards are built solid and have no moving parts. So you will worry less about using them to store your precious documents, cherished photos and once-in-a-lifetime vids. Just plug them in, fill them up, and you are all set. Your digital treasures will be right there when you need them.

Many Different Sizes

Micro SD and SD cards can store up to 32GB worth of photos, spreadsheets, homework, music, videos and other data. So you’re sure to find the type and exact size of memory you want for your particular needs and device.

Great for DSLR Cameras

The EXCERIA PRO™ line of high performance CompactFlash® memory cards is the perfect storage option for your high-end DSLR camera. Available in three capacities; 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, these CompactFlash® cards offer high level read and write speeds and they’re perfect for high resolution image capture, sustained continuous shooting, HD video recording and high speed data transfers to other devices.

These cards integrate Toshiba’s high performance NAND flash memory and specially developed dedicated firmware. They achieve a read speed of 160MB/s and write speed of 150MB/s, the highest level yet reported.

They are compliant with the Compact Flash Association (CFA) standard CompactFlash® Specification Revision 6.1 and are compatible with the UDMA7 high-speed interface, ensuring they can maximize the full performance of high-end DSLRs.

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