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Solid State Drives

  • Boost your PC performance
  • Offered in a range of capacities
  • Solid state drives PC Upgrade Kits available

starting at: $99.99 shop Solid State Drives

Toshiba Solid State Drives

Boost your pc performance

If your laptop is not as quick as you’d like; if your PC’s storage is pinched for space; or if you want nimbler gaming, it might be time to swap in a new hard drive. The good news is, solid state drives or solid state drive PC upgrade kits make it easy to do it yourself. They come with everything you need to transfer data from your regular internal SATA drive, then get a good thing going. Learn more »

High Speed Storage

Think of the minutes you’d save if you could crack open files that much quicker. Imagine the extra fun you’d have with less waiting for videos, music or slideshows. And game chapters loading faster? How great is that? A new, speedy solid state drive in your laptop is just the ticket.

Faster Boot Times

Sometimes, seconds count-when you’re trying to make a point, finish that project before landing, or impress your friends before they have to fly. Solid state drives can help your PC stand and deliver, because they don’t need time to spin up.

Lower Power Consumption

Solid state drives don’t turn like traditional hard drives. So they use less power. You’ll discover you have more time to work and play on your laptop. You might also learn you can venture farther and go longer between battery charges.

An Assortment of Sizes

Whether you have a mountain of digital assets, or just a modest amount, you’ll find a solid state drive PC upgrade to suit your needs, and give you plenty of room to grow. They come in a variety of capacities up 512GB.

Greater Durability

No moving parts means no more cringing when your PC gets jostled, wondering if your hard drive just crashed. Solid state drives help safeguard your stuff in case of drops, and make it more certain than ever that your documents, pictures, videos, et cetera, will be there when you want them. They can help make you more mobile, too.

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