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Superior stylus, compares well against the restMarch 27, 2014
by thomaskr from Ottawa, Ontario
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The pen that ships with the Toshiba Excite Write has a nice chunky barrel with a subtle organic curvature that fits the hand well. The plastic exterior is similar to some Wacom Intuos pens and although smooth, is grippy and can be easily rotated to locate the function button in or out of the palm easily. The TruPen comes with the soft felt nib, which gives a great approximation of felt tip marker on smooth paper. The only faults I could level against it are that it's a bit on the slippery side, and it feels a little light due to its construction, so fans of heavy pens take note. Otherwise, I love it and even though I've purchase replacement pens from other manufacturers (I like styluses) I keep coming back to this one. Even if you have a competitor's tablet, this one will make a great extra pen.
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Toshiba Digitizer Pen with Eraser for Toshiba Portégé Z10t & Z15t and Excite™ Write Tablet
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