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Toshiba Smart Client Manager 2.0

Toshiba Smart Client Manager 2.0 Is An Intelligent Way To Manage Your Workforce — From Anywhere

Today’s mobile workforce demands that IT professionals like you are more agile and ingenious than ever. That’s why we created Toshiba Smart Client Manager 2.0 (TSCM 2.0). Developed with IBM® Endpoint Manager™, TSCM 2.0 delivers smart, secure, reliable enterprise-level technology to ensure your business stays on the leading edge—no matter where you are.

Cut down on energy consumption with
Toshiba Power Management

Control access from a single console with
enhanced Toshiba Security

Reduce business risk and complexity
with Toshiba Patch Management

Monitor your systems with TSCM
for HDD Health Status

What can Toshiba Smart Client Manager 2.0 do for your business?

TSCM 2.0 Power Management

With this solution, power management settings can be distributed and optimized down to each end-point device including settings for peak hours of consumption. Each end-point systems’ BIOS measures and reports on power consumption providing greater detail and control. By providing the ability to monitor consumption and adjust accordingly, results in better energy efficiency gains.

  • Distribute Optimized Power Management Settings
  • System Administrator Power Profile Control
  • Each Endpoint Systems’ BIOS measures Power Consumption
  • Actual Measurement Results
  • Realize Your Power Savings Initiatives and Reduced Energy Costs

TSCM 2.0 Security

Provide the ability for Systems Administrators to control access by preventing a PC from starting up, logging on and being unlocked unless the PC is authenticated by the management server. Enhanced security features also allow Administrators to restrict access to a number of external and network devices.

  • New Security Management Solution Combined with Toshiba System Capabilities
  • Uses Toshiba BIOS to Manage System Boot to control Network Access
  • ESystem Administrator Can Set Policies for Access Restriction
Prohibit or Allow Access to:
  • Printers
  • Removable Drives
  • Network Drives

TSCM 2.0 Patch Management

This value added feature provides a streamlined solution for patch compliance that reduces business risks and complexity. From a single management console, a System Administrator can easily provide up to date patch visibility, control the deployment of patches, and resolve problems from previously applied patches.

  • System Administrator can automatically publish within business days of release
  • Deploy and verify patches using an automated, closed-loop process, within hours of release
  • If issues are detected, a patch rollback can be done either globally or selectively down to individual laptops

TSCM 2.0 HDD Health Status

Proactively safeguard your organization with the TSCM for HDD Health Status feature. This feature helps protect user’s local data and minimizes employee loss of productivity due to an unexpected hard disk drive failure through Toshiba’s HDD failure predictive system. Each client checks the HDD status and collects data to detect potential failure. If failure risk is found, message alerts are reported to the TSCM 2.0 system enabling IT administrators to view the client manager console identifying potential risks.

  • A failure prognosis engine built upon millions of HDD operating logs is used to capture the characteristics of a potentially failing hard disk drive
  • Toshiba leverages their leadership in the storage industry to update the failure prognosis engine with HDD field data developing this proprietary algorithm

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