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Where is training held? Show Answer
How do I enroll? Show Answer
I enrolled but I didn’t get confirmation. How can I get confirmation? Show Answer
For classes requiring payment, you should receive an automated enrollment confirmation email immediately, but an approval email will not be received until payment arrangements are made. Because people frequently enroll then disenroll, the Training Department does not typically contact the student until about one month before the scheduled class convening date to finalize payment arrangements. If you wish to make payment arrangements sooner, please contact us via email. If you are within two weeks of a class and payment has not been arranged, contact us immediately! Students who have not made arrangements for payment within one week of class convening are emailed and, if no reply is received, they are disenrolled. See also “How do I pay for classes” below.
How late can I enroll? Show Answer
Enrollment ends Sunday at 11:59 PM one week prior to class convening. After that time, the class will not be available on the website for enrollment. This is to allow for class preparation for the registered number of students and finalizing payment.
I received a disenrollment mail. Why? Show Answer
Generally the only reason for disenrollment is if the class is within one week of convening and there has been no contact regarding payment. If this happens and you still plan to attend, you need to contact us IMMEDIATELY! Toshiba is not liable for expenses incurred as a result of cancellation due to non-payment of tuition. Students arriving for class and not having made payment arrangements will not be allowed to attend class.
When do classes start and end? Show Answer
Classes normally start at 8:30 AM and run until 4:30 PM with an hour for lunch. Class requirements may allow or necessitate adjustment after the first day. Students may arrive early however, the lobby at the West Little York facility is not open until 7:30 AM and classrooms may not be open until 8:00 AM.
What about lunch? Show Answer
Lunch is provided for all class days. If you have dietary requirements, we request you contact us so we can plan accordingly. We can readily accommodate requests for most medical reasons; vegan, kosher, and halal. Please contact us for any other requirements.
How much do classes cost? Show Answer
How do I pay for classes? Show Answer
If your company has an account with us, you can pay via Purchase Order. If not, you can pay via credit card. Credit cards require pre-validation with our finance department before you are approved to attend class, but you will not be charged until you attend. POs will not be billed until after class. Please be aware that cancellation with less than 14 days notice will incur a cancellation penalty. A no-show penalty will apply if the student does not show for class and does not cancel in advance.
What’s included in the tuition cost? Show Answer
Tuition, training materials and manuals, lunch, and usually dinner one evening after class. Typically dinner is the second day of class. Coffee, soft drinks, and water are provided during class.
What NOT INCLUDED in the tuition cost? Show Answer
Transportation to/from Houston, to/from hotel to training facility, hotel cost, breakfast, dinner most days, or anything not listed as included.
Which hotels should I stay at? Show Answer
What do I need to bring? Show Answer
A thirst for knowledge is foremost! A laptop is recommended for all ASD classes. Field Service classes typically provide software and cables required for connection to the equipment being trained on. If you install the software during class, we can help you ensure it is working correctly before you finish class. Be aware that your company’s IT restrictions may prevent installing software or drivers necessary to connect to equipment. Copies of software will be provided for later installation by your IT department and are downloadable from the website for free for most classes. Notetaking and writing materials are provided for classes. Connection cables are generally provided for Field Service classes.
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