Accelerate Your IoT Deployment with Toshiba IoT Solution Pack

Industries across the globe are undergoing a major transformation as they seek to harness the enormous amount of data generated by connected devices within their operation. Leveraging and realizing the value of this data is at the core of industry efforts to stay competitive. Toshiba IoT Solution Pack is an excellent IoT solution for operations that want to quickly and affordably tap into the benefits of this transformation.

Bringing you remote monitoring, visualization and data collection capabilities, Toshiba IoT Solution Pack is easy to use, easily expandable, and cloud-based for rapid deployment and lower cost of entry.

It empowers you to improve processes, maximize equipment performance, reduce costs and enjoy a level of operational control that was once impossible.


"Toshiba IoT Solution Pack is an excellent IoT solution for operations that want to quickly and affordably tap into the benefits of this transformation."

The Features that Make it Possible

Toshiba IoT Solution Pack is a cloud-based service designed to help businesses quickly and easily implement an IoT infrastructure that delivers essential visualization and remote monitoring capabilities. Three key features make this possible:

Quick Start
Rapid launch of visualization through connection of pre-verified gateways.
Edge Computing
Intelligent optimation at the edge in a secure environment.
Flexible and Scalable
Build a solid and stable platform with scalability for future growth.

Rapid Deployment Yields Immediate Results

Toshiba IoT Solution Pack is designed to perform immediately, delivering the data and insights needed for enhanced operational efficiency and maximum productivity.

Edge Computing
Create smart, connected facilities and drive near-real-time visualization and optimization by connecting equipment and shifting processes to the cloud through sensors and IoT gateways. You'll be up and running faster than you can imagine.
Data Collection
Data Collection and Remote Monitoring
Fast track your digital transformation by remotely monitoring equipment across your entire organizational footprint. Toshiba IoT Solution Pack makes it easy to start amassing data to help enable optimal performance and facility compliance.
Gain insight into equipment performance, detect anomalies sooner and improve resource utilization across your entire operation with an excellent user interface based on predefined templates that present data in a clear, actionable way. Advanced analytics can be added by using data via API.

Visualize your data and build value through remote monitoring

Your Window
Enjoy continuous, near real-time visibility into data collected from connected devices and sensors throughout your operation.
Your Insights
Enable technicians to remotely observe key performance indicators for short-term actions as well as data trends for longer-term actions.
Your Benefits
Empower operators to identify inefficiencies, mitigate device failures, schedule pre-emptive maintenance, create performance models and improve overall productivity.
Quickly gain operational visibility
Detect issues before they become problems
Boost productivity
Reduce costs and downtime
Create new value and services

Toshiba IoT Solution Pack empowers operators to:

  • Configure and connect devices
  • Visualize and socialize
  • Collect and optimize data flow
  • Analyze and improve processes
  • Understand and respond
  • Anticipate and plan

Connect and Visualize for Maximum Efficiency and Productivity

IoT Platform
  • Robust Design
  • Cloud-based
Operation & Maintenance
  • Site Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
Standard Apps
  • Device Management
  • Remote Monitoring & Visualization
Edge Connectivity
  • Sensors
  • Gateway Devices
Water Treatment

Your Fast Track to a Competitive Advantage

Toshiba IoT Solution Pack provides the essentials needed for rapid IoT deployment, delivering the operational visibility needed to provide you with a competitive edge and success in today's digital world.

Quick to Configure
Quick to configure
Why wait months or more to create the connected facility you need now? Toshiba IoT Solution Pack is a solution that can have you up and running faster than you can imagine.
Cloud Based
Cloud-based for lower cost-of-entry
You don't need to build out a complex IT infrastructure to accommodate Toshiba IoT Solution Pack. It operates on the cloud, which lowers your cost of entry and makes scaling very cost effective.
Simple to Use
Simple to use
Toshiba IoT Solution Pack is engineered to offer a simple, intuitive user experience with screens that make it easy for you and your people to see what's happening, react and optimize your operation.
Easily Expandable
Easily expandable
Toshiba IoT Solution Pack not only gives you basic connectivity, visualization and insight, but it also helps you gather data to create more complex and cognitive analytic modules by using our APIs.

A Rich History of Field-Proven Performance

Toshiba IoT Solution Pack has been developed and refinded over decades of real-world experience in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Social Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • General Manufacturing
  • Technology Manufacturing
  • Building and Facility
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Transportation

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