Toshiba’s Innovative GridDB NoSQL Database Affords Unlimited IoT Possibilities

Company’s GridDB SE Employs Key-Container Model and Time-Series Functionality Capabilities for Developers

IRVINE, Calif. – April 24, 2017—With billions of connected devices expected to come online by 2020, Toshiba’s Industrial Solutions and Services Division (SSD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced the launch of GridDB Standard Edition (SE). GridDB SE is a NoSQL Database purpose-built for mastering the opportunities of the new Internet of Things (IoT).

Delivering NoSQL data formats in a distributed IoT database, GridDB SE employs an ingenious key-container model and time-series functionality to provide the capabilities developers need to create cutting edge solutions in the fields of Power Generation, Building Management, Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail and more.

On May 3, Toshiba will be hosting a webinar to explain the benefits of GridDB. For more information or to sign up click on the following link Purpose-built In-Memory NoSQL Database for IoT – GridDB.

Superior database performance, scalability, availability and reliability.

Today’s IoT systems can generate enormous volumes of data every sub-second, across potentially thousands of sensors. This can pose significant challenges to conventional SQL and NoSQL databases. Toshiba’s GridDB SE is engineered to alleviate those concerns by providing high performance, scalability, availability and reliability.

GridDB SE offers a hybrid combination of in-memory and disk architecture that delivers average throughput up to five times higher and latency up to four times lower than that of competing NoSQL databases. Toshiba’s database solution can scale out linearly using commodity hardware while maintaining excellent performance. Plus, it provides superior data availability and reliability by eliminating single points of failure through hybrid cluster management. Toshiba’s GridDB SE also integrates easily into most development processes via a key-value.

Leveraging Toshiba’s deep IoT and pioneering in-memory expertise.

According to Gartner, overall IoT spending is projected to reach over $3 billion globally in 20201. Founded on Toshiba’s extensive IoT and in-memory expertise, the GridDB SE is uniquely positioned to help developers, systems integrators, and Toshiba ecosystem partners secure a significant portion of that growth.

Because of the huge IoT opportunities available—now and in the future, Toshiba has open-sourced GridDB and is actively seeking partners for IoT co-development projects.


GridDB Standard Edition (SE) is available on AWS Marketplace today.

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