Toshiba Launches Innovative IoT Solution for Water Treatment Sites

Toshiba IoT Solution Pack harnesses the power of real-world machine data, enabling remote monitoring and enhanced operational efficiency for water and wastewater treatment facilities

IRVINE, CA. – [October 5,], 2020. As U.S. water and wastewater treatment facilities seek to modernize and optimize their operations to meet growing production demands and ever-stricter compliance and reporting requirements, Toshiba America, Inc. (TAI) is proud to announce Toshiba IoT Solution Pack software application with availability in Q4, 2020.

Delivering essential remote monitoring, visualization, analytics and data collection capabilities, Toshiba IoT Solution Pack can be quickly and easily deployed, empowering operators to connect a variety of devices to improve processes, reduce costs, and achieve new levels of efficiency and operational control.

“This solution fills an important technology gap for many overburdened water and wastewater treatment facilities—helping them make the leap into IoT technology very quickly with relatively low cost and easy implementation,” said Terry Cronin, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Toshiba America, Inc. “By relying on Toshiba IoT Solution Pack for data aggregation, operators can perform remote monitoring to reduce their on-site visits, save time, and focus on other ways to optimize operations and bring more strategic value to their sites.”

Toshiba IoT Solution Pack will be featured at the Water Environment Federation’s Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) 2020, a virtual event happening Oct. 5–9, 2020. WEFTEC is the world’s most comprehensive gathering of water quality professionals and thought leaders, featuring an extensive exhibition of cutting-edge solutions.

Superior data collection and visualization, plus easy cloud management

With Toshiba IoT Solution pack, water treatment plants can create smart, connected facilities and drive near real-time visualization and optimization by connecting equipment and shifting process data and applications to the cloud through sensors, adapters, provided APIs and IoT gateways.

Setup is easy using predefined templates that enable quick configuration of authorized gateways. Once deployed, the software enables operators to quickly gain facility-wide visibility through remote monitoring, helping detect issues before they become problems, boost productivity, and reduce costly downtime.

What’s more, Toshiba IoT Solution Pack is flexible and scalable. Facilities can start with a small number of target devices and grow over time by adding more devices or integrating with other systems. This enables water treatment plants to capitalize on IoT technology without a significant capital investment.

In early field applications, Toshiba IoT Solution Pack made measurable improvements for customers. For example, a recent deployment helped Fresno County Waterworks District 18 (FCWWD18) save 20 minutes/day in manual data entry and travel time, plus an additional 18 hours/month on reporting.

“Toshiba IoT Solution Pack is giving us so many capabilities we never had before. But it’s also giving us the confidence of knowing we can provide excellent water stewardship for District 18 far into the future,” said Dan Pearce, FCWD18 General Manager.

To learn more about Toshiba IoT Solution Pack, visit Toshiba’s virtual booth at WEFTEC or Toshiba’s website. []


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Eddie Temistokle
Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications and Marketing
Toshiba America, Inc.