Toshiba America Research, Inc.

Toshiba America Research Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to create new products and systems that enrich the quality of life and invigorate society. Turning new knowledge and inventions into forms that serve the needs and aspirations of individuals and society is what innovation is all about.

TARI R&D activities focus on Big Data technologies in the areas of Healthcare & Building Systems. Big Data offers the potential to recognize previously unknown correlations and predict outcomes from the data.

  • Big Data in Healthcare
    Toshiba recognizes that Big Data technologies will play an integral role in the prediction and prevention of illness and the monitoring of individual health. Healthcare Big Data technologies are a new generation of technologies that extract meaningful clinical information from very large and complex volumes of data. The goal is to transform healthcare into a more efficient and cost-effective data-driven enterprise.
  • Big Data in Building Management Systems
    Toshiba manages the facilities, environment, and energy consumption of buildings for better energy conservation. Our energy management system minimizes costs by combining easy data collection that is open and flexible making secondary uses possible. Our system's functions provide environmental controls that both save energy and keep interiors comfortable. Toshiba will further develop smarter and more efficient building technologies that are adaptable to the US market.