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Trust Toshiba as the #1 Leader in Large Steam Turbine Generators in North America

There’s a reason Toshiba is the largest Steam Turbine Generator provider in North America for units 200MW and larger.* Since our first North-American delivery in 1967, our customers trusted us to deliver the most robust and reliable steam turbine manufactured to date. Our dedicated engineering and support teams work closely with our clients from concept design to construction, and lifetime operations, providing timely responses drawn from our experience and our extensive knowledge of turbine technology.

Steam Turbine Product Lineup



Tandem Compound Four Flow


Tandem Compound Four Flow


Tandem Compound Double Flow


Tandem Compound Single Flow


Tandem Compound Geared Single Flow


Single Casing Single Flow

State-of-the-art technologies are applied to each Toshiba steam turbine, providing the highest performance and reliability.

Toshiba’s product lineup is a reflection of our deep understanding of the STG market enabling us to offer innovative customized solutions to meet customer specific requirements. Whether energy is needed for industrial applications or for public electricity generation, we possess all the capabilities needed to meet your exact energy demands. We look forward to assisting you with your custom STG needs.

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Since Toshiba's first turbine delivery in 1927, we have never looked back, continuously aiming to innovate and raise industry standards. The testament being our delivery record of more than 2,000 successful turbine deliveries. This is a reflection of the faith customers have in the quality of Toshiba products and the capability of our state of the art manufacturing facilities: Keihin Product Operations in Yokohama, Japan and Toshiba JSW Power Systems Factory in Chennai, India.

The longevity of our steam turbine generators goes well beyond the expected 20-year life span. In fact, Toshiba was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest running STG in 2018. Our dedication to the Japanese philosophies of “Monozukuri,” the art, science, and craft of engineering, and “Kaizen,” continuous self-improvement, drive us to manufacture the most innovative, reliable, and economical STG solutions.

Why Should You Choose Toshiba for Your STG Needs?

Steam Turbine Generator

High Availability & Reliability

Maximizing availability and reliability is central to our unique steam turbine design philosophy. The technology and manufacturing standards behind our STG’s help you maintain operations and avoid unplanned downtime.

Customer Centric Driven Design

Toshiba's ability to customize and align steam turbine designs with customer needs ensures that a Toshiba solution is available for a wide range of steam conditions and uses.


Toshiba's deep understanding of customer requirements helps us provide equipment solutions that offer an ideal balance of performance, reliability, life expectancy and cost. Our reliable equipment design helps to reduce unplanned maintenance costs and downtime.

Lean Construction

Our wealth of project experience guides us in providing product solutions with short construction times, optimized shipping logistics, and improved constructability - leading to considerable project cost savings.


Our pursuit of high efficiency directly translates to reduced CO2 emissions per unit of power produced. This contributes to the global objective of achieving a carbon-neutral society which aligns with Toshiba's goal of playing a critical role in realizing a sustainable future.

Superior Customer Support

We place the highest priority on customer satisfaction. Our support teams ensure that customer needs are promptly and satisfactorily resolved. We work closely with our clients from concept design, construction to lifetime operations, providing timely responses drawn from our experience and our extensive knowledge of turbine technology.

Delivery Record

Beyond North America, Toshiba has manufactured and delivered over 2,000 turbine and generator equipment sets worldwide, with cumulative installed capacity surpassing 200,000 MW — a true testament of the trust bestowed upon us by our customers. Delivery Record Map

Maximize the Investment of Your Most Critical Equipment

Choose the most reliable steam turbine generator to extend the lifecycle of your plant.

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*Based on delivery of 200MW STG’s from 2006 - 2019.
Since our first North-American delivery in 1967, Toshiba has successfully delivered 133 STG units, having 37.5 GW of cumulative capacity.

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