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Toshiba America LNG Corporation has two principal activities. The first is LNG operations and includes the necessary techno-commercial activities to produce LNG for export from the Freeport LNG liquefaction terminal. This will include (but not be limited) to activities such as purchase of natural gas, transportation of the commodity and all necessary marine/tug procedures to safely load LNG onto the vessels. To facilitate this Gas to LNG Value chain, Toshiba America LNG Corporation has entered into various agreements including a liquefaction tolling agreement with Freeport LNG Train 3 and are one of five tollers at this facility. A Toshiba America LNG Corporation affiliate has also entered into a natural gas transport agreement with an affiliate of the Enbridge Corporation.

Toshiba America LNG Corporation also has responsibility for LNG Market origination within the Latin American and the Caribbean region. Our goal is to offer customers with flexible, innovative and competitive supply of LNG so as to enable them to compete effectively in their home markets. Toshiba seeks to be a supply collaborator rather than just an LNG supplier. Hence, we work closely with customers to design supply and infrastructure solutions that achieve this goal. In the power sector, the company is extremely well positioned to understand the underlying dynamics at play in a number of markets given our long history in these regions. Further, Toshiba America LNG Corporation is supported by regional offices and staff which are resident in these markets.