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Mining is a challenging business in which competitive pressures demand safe, reliable, and efficient solutions. With an ever-constant need for raw materials, the mining industry requires established, reliable processes that optimize production while reducing maintenance costs. However, the equipment used in the process must also be safe, energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly. This ultimately increases the demand for proven modern technologies that achieve these levels of performance while maintaining a stable level of energy consumption.

Toshiba offers a wide range of products for the mining and minerals industry, including induction, wound rotor, and synchronous motors, uninterruptible power systems, process and intelligent controls, motor controls, and power distribution protection solutions. Since many Toshiba products are designed, built, and tested under one roof, customers can expect an integrated system that is customized for their specific mining applications. Toshiba is an established partner for mining operations throughout North America and South America, as well as Australia.

Mining & Mineral Solutions

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For more information please contact - tic-mining@toshiba.com

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