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On-Demand Webinars

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Understanding Harmonic Issues in Industrial Power Systems

Join Toshiba for an educational webinar to learn more about harmonic issues in industrial power systems, especially as they apply to motor and drive applications. This webinar is designed to give you a broad understanding of harmonic mitigation techniques to help maximize equipment uptime, extend the life of equipment, and reduce overall operating costs.

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VFDs Versus Soft Starters in Conveyor and Crusher Applications

In this webinar, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using variable frequency drives and solid state starters in conveyor and crusher applications. We will discuss starting methods in high torque applications and explain how to achieve higher efficiency, performance, and reliability all while reducing operating expenses.

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Motor Bearing Fluting – Causes, Effects, and Comparing Solutions Webinar

This webinar will review findings from a recent study Toshiba performed on the electrical effectiveness of different shaft bonding devices in low voltage applications. The scope of the study was solely on the electrical-bonding property of these devices. We will provide a comparison, and recommendation between the currently available shaft bonding devices and Common-Mode Current reduction devices.

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Optimizing Pump Systems Using VFDs

In the webinar, we will review how to optimize a pump system using variable frequency drives. We will cover common application issues when using a VFD and common trouble shooting and fault analysis when using a VFD. We will also talk about PID level control algorithms, pump alternating control for booster pumps and specialized pump control functions such as low NPSH shutoff and sleep mode for level control applications.

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Reciprocating Compressors - Engine to Electric Retrofits

Join Toshiba for an educational webinar to learn more about reciprocating compressor applications and retrofit solutions as they relate to motor drive systems.

Learning Objectives:

• Review the differences between engine driven and electric motor driven reciprocating compressors

• Understand the reasons behind the electrification trend

• Things to consider when applying electric motors and variable speed drives to reciprocating compressors

• Overview of variable speed drive options with various heat management solutions

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