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AS3® UL TYPE 12/IP 55

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Toshiba’s AS3 UL Type 12/IP55 adjustable speed drive is designed to withstand harsh environments and features built-in communications, allowing end-users to access real-time data and refined controls to maximize system performance.

    Increased Protection Protects from falling water, splashing water, dust, dirt, lint and fibers to operate in the harshest of environments.

    Industry 4.0/IoT (Internet of Things)

    Industry 4.0 is the evolution of manufacturing, empowering businesses to learn and adjust from data available through connected manufacturing.

    Dual Port EtherNet/IP® Enables simple connection of multiple AS3s together on one network while simplifying cable management.
    Embedded Web Server Allows for quick access to EtherNet/IP setup, parameters and real-time monitoring for diagnostics. Accessible through standard web browsers on PC, tablets, and smart phones.
    Built-in LCD Display & Advanced Keypad Multi-language LCD display, remote mounting, IP65 rated, transfer/save parameters, real-time clock for fault logging, and calendar functionality.
    QR Codes Displayed when troubleshooting faults or alarms, providing immediate access to a dedicated web link for maintenance and support.
    STO Terminal Detachable terminal strip meets IEC directives for safety with full implementation of Safe Torque Off, which quickly shuts down the system in the event of an emergency stop.
    Permanent Magnet Motor Control For control of permanent magnet (PM) motors with higher torque and efficiency values.
    Pump Control Multi-PID control with sleep function and the ability to autonomously control booster pumps based on system demands or operating a secondary PID control loop.
    ASD Pro Software Toshiba’s programming software, which allows the user to utilize logic-type programming without the expense of a micro PLC.

VFAS3-4004PCE 460 0.5 1.5 1.0 2.2
VFAS3-4007PCE 460 1.0 2.2 2.0 4.0
VFAS3-4015PCE 460 2.0 4.0 3.0 5.6
VFAS3-4022PCE 460 3.0 5.6 5.0 9.3
VFAS3-4037PCE 460 5.0 9.3 7.5 12.7
VFAS3-4055PCE 460 7.5 12.7 10.0 16.5
VFAS3-4075PCE 460 10.0 16.5 15.0 23.5
VFAS3-4110PCE 460 15.0 23.5 20.0 31.7
VFAS3-4150PCE 460 20.0 31.7 25.0 39.2
VFAS3-4185PCE 460 25.0 39.2 30.0 46.3
VFAS3-4220PCE 460 30.0 46.3 40.0 61.5
VFAS3-4300PCE 460 40.0 61.5 50.0 74.5
VFAS3-4370PCE 460 50.0 74.5 60.0 88.0
VFAS3-4450PCE 460 60.0 88.0 75.0 106.0
VFAS3-4550PCE 460 75.0 106.0 100.0 145.0
VFAS3-4750PCE 460 100.0 145.0 125.0 173.0

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