• ENERGY STAR® certified
  • 420 to 450 lumens
  • Replacement for 40-watt incandescent lamp
  • 2700K & 4000K
  • Dimmable
  • Reaches full brightness instantly
  • Omni-directional design
  • Frosted lens
  • Rated life of 40,000 hours (L70)
  • Uses up to 84% less energy than incandescent lamps
  • Emits up to 90% less UV light compared to halogens
  • Contains no mercury or lead

Ordering Code Lumens1 Wattage (W) Lamp Efficacy (lm/W) Equivalency2 Beam Angle (degrees) CBCP (cd) CCT3 (color temp) CRI Rated Life (hrs)4 Input Voltage (VAC)
8G25/27F-UP 420 8.3 50.6 40W Incandescent N/A N/A 2700K 85 40,000 120
8G25/40F-UP 450 8.3 54.2 40W Incandescent N/A N/A 4000K 85 40,000 120
  1. Thermally stable typical lumens (± 10%)
  2. Equivalency based on the ENERGY STAR® Integral LED Lamp Center Beam Intensity Benchmark Tool.
  3. CCT Range complies to ANSI C78.377-2008.
  4. Rated life is based on 70% lumen maintenance, engineering testing and probability analysis.

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Manufacturer Brand Model Type Max # of Lamps / Dimmer
Lutron Skylark SLV-600 INC 8
Lutron   S-603PG INC 8
Lutron Diva DVCL-153P ELV 8
Lutron NovaT NTELV-600 ELV 8
Lutron Skylark SELV-300P ELV 8
Lutron Diva DVELV-300P ELV 8
Wattstopper DCD267 MLV 8
INC = Incandescent | MLV = Magnetic Low Voltage | ELV = Electronic Low Voltage
  1. Dimmers provide 25% or less of maximum light output.