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TOSHcare® Lifecycle Services

TOSHcare ® Lifecycle Services can improve reliability of equipment purchased from Toshiba International Corporation (TIC) by proactively addressing common issues that may result in unscheduled downtime.

Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenance Contract

For customers who like to plan ahead, TIC offers preventive maintenance (PM) contracts that provide future maintenance at a fixed price, making it easy to allocate maintenance on any budget. Our representatives will work with you to find the best value in time frames that work for you.

Adjustable speed drives (ASDs) are, by the square foot, some of the most expensive and critical pieces of equipment in a facility. Our PM contracts are fulfilled by factory authorized personnel who are fully supported by TIC with technical support, and emergency parts logistics and training so that your most valuable process equipment is serviced properly by our TIC Service Network.*In addition, customers have the option of including a TOSHcare Protection Plan as part of a PM contract in order to further protect their equipment.

TOSHcare Power Module Reconditioning

The TOSHcare reconditioning program for ASD power modules allows customers to send modules back for factory reconditioning at a fixed price, making the program a convenient allocation in maintenance budgets. Our team of in-house field service engineers and technicians replace fiber as well as boards containing electrolytic capacitors in addition to conducting a full range of factory testing on your power module. Our power module reconditioning program includes a one-year TOSHcare protection plan, which gives customers virtually the same protection on existing units as with new units.

Our advanced reconditioning program is available for power modules that have been in operation for more than 8 years that need more extensive servicing. This offers replacement of all power devices in addition to the standard recondition work as well as in-depth cleaning of the power module.


Basic Reconditioning

Advanced Reconditioning

Inspection of power module



Replacement of fiber optic cables



Replacement of IGD boards



Replacement of power supply



1 Year TOSHcare Protection Plan*



Adder for extra year of TOSHcare Protection Plan*



Replacement of all IGBTs X
Replacement of all clamping diodes X
Extensive cleaning X

* All TOSHcare Lifecycle Services are subject to applicable terms and conditions and limitations

TOSHcare Adjustable Speed Drive Power Module Protection Plan Terms
TOSHcare Adjustable Speed Drives Chassis Protection Plan Terms and Conditions

Protection Plan

TOSHcare Protection Plan

The TOSHcare Protection Plans provide customers with the ability to purchase coverage for correction of applicable defects in materials or workmanship for out-of-warranty equipment and parts. Plans are for a one (1) year term unless otherwise stated*

To request information about obtaining a TOSHcare Protection Plan for your equipment, click the button, and provide the information requested. A TOSHcare Lifecycle Services Representative will contact you to discuss your request.

1This protection plan may be extended for an additional year for an additional cost.

* All TOSHcare Lifecycle Services are subject to applicable terms and conditions and limitations

TOSHcare Adjustable Speed Drive Power Module Protection Plan Terms
TOSHcare Adjustable Speed Drives Chassis Protection Plan Terms and Conditions

Upgrade Services

Custom Modifications

TIC has a fully staffed project engineering group that can design, source and/or build the items needed to get your TIC equipment up to speed with your ever-changing systems and technology. Whether it is simply installing metering devices for your motor and drive systems, adding a synchronous bypass cabinet for your ASD, or implementing a new controls scheme that falls in line with your plant’s evolving systems, our TOSHcare Lifecycle Services Representatives can help you every step of the way.

Migration Solutions

Migration of T300MVi to T300MV2®

The T300MV2 medium voltage ASD is TIC’s newest medium voltage adjustable speed drive offering to its customers. For customers who currently own one or more T300MVi ASDs and would like to upgrade to the newer T300MV2 version, a field upgrade solution is available.

Migration of G3+ to HX7+

The Plus Pack outdoor ASD combines Toshiba’s robust Plus Pack technology and VLP Technology®*. (VLP Technology® as used herein refers to Virtual Linear Pump technology.)
For customers who own legacy G3+ drives and would like to upgrade to the next generation Plus Pack, field upgrade options are currently available for G3+A and G3+B drives. Provide TIC with the serial number of the drive to be converted to confirm that it qualifies for conversion.

TOSHcare® Migration Solutions for Low Voltage Drives


We are equipped to provide training to your workforce, including basic training on maintenance and other topics, to help ensure that equipment purchased from TIC is performing at optimal levels. In addition, we offer TOSHcare training services that are designed to address the needs of customers who would like to take their knowledge of this equipment to the next level. This training, which can be tailored to include topics such as troubleshooting, programming and basic fault analysis, is customizable to meet your specific needs and requirements.


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*All TOSHcare Lifecycle Services are subject to applicable terms and conditions and limitations.

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