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Critical Cooling Motors

Toshiba's EQP Global® Critical Cooling Motors are designed to increase the operational life and reduce maintenance costs in critical environments.

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Toshiba’s EQP Global Critical Cooling motors have a proven history of delivering the quality and reliability required by data centers, hospitals and other critical cooling operations. These motors are designed to operate in applications such as fan arrays where the motors are hard to access and require minimal maintenance for the lifetime of the product. The use of insulated bearings on both ends of the motor optimizes motor performance and protection when used in variable speed drive applications. Toshiba motors continue to be a preferred option for users needing increased operational life and reduced maintenance costs.

Key Features

Insulated Bearings

An electric motor operating on an adjustable speed drive is at risk for premature bearing failure caused by stray currents. Experience indicates using insulated bearings on both ends of the motors is the most effective way to protect the motor from destructive currents. A high level of bearing protection is especially beneficial in applications where motor maintenance and replacement are difficult.

Extended Horsepower Capability

Extended horsepower capability allows a smaller motor to run at a higher horsepower than its baseline depending on the application requirements. This provides motor users potential cost savings while achieving the same motor performance.

Insulation with Wide Thermal Capability

Critical cooling motors utilize many Class H insulation materials in its winding designs, which provides increased thermal protection. These motors operate with a very low temperature rise at rated conditions, giving them a wide thermal margin and extended motor life.

Low Vibration

A vibration level exceeding NEMA MG1 requirements provides stability and durability by prolonging motor and bearing life and helping to reduce downtime.

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