The Foundation of Quality and Integrity

Toshiba illuminates the world through lighting technology that is ready for the way we live and work today. With over 125 years of lighting experience and a vast knowledge of electronics and semiconductors, we are uniquely qualified to create superior LED lighting products. We are 100% focused on LED lighting and are committed to offering quality engineered products, unparalleled service, and a five-year limited warranty. Toshiba is a brand you can trust.

Lighting the Way

Toshiba is helping to fulfill our Environmental 2050 Vision by forever changing the disposable notion of lighting. Toshiba’s LED lighting products last up to 25 times longer than incandescent and halogen lamps. Our LED lamps do not contain lead or mercury, are manufactured using recycled/recyclable materials and use up to 85% less energy compared to traditional lamp sources. We have left antiquated lighting technology behind and are moving forward with high-quality lighting that helps ensure a brighter tomorrow.

Breadth and Depth

We will assist you in developing a lighting design that meets your specific needs, and we have a wide breadth and depth of line to meet a range of applications that are ideal for commercial and architectural applications. With our wide range of LED lamps and luminaires that meet the highest standards in efficiency and functionality, we are committed to making this the prominent technology with outstanding aesthetics. The right lighting for your application. That’s what we do.

We Give You Legendary Quality.

At Toshiba, we take great pride in our reputation for high standards and reliable, innovative products. Our technology carries on that tradition by boosting the performance and efficiency of our LED lighting from the inside out. So now the same company that's known worldwide for delivering quality laptops, televisions and other electronics will be just as well known for high-quality LED lighting. We have dedicated 100% of our efforts to LED technology, and it's that commitment combined with our expertise that is changing the way everyone thinks about lighting.