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2-Part Webinar Series: How to Specify A VFD Like A Pro


PART 1: Common Misconceptions of Variable Frequency Drives

Description: In Part 1 of the Specifying a VFD Like a Pro Series, we will cover common misconceptions among industrial users of variable frequency drives. This webinar will help you be better equipped to combat any misapplication or confusion when it comes to specifying or purchasing VFDs in specific applications.

Date: September 29th at 2:00PM Central

Presenter: Jim Hartzel

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PART 2: Considerations When Using Frequency Drives In A System

Description: In Part 2 of the Specifying a VFD Like a Pro Series, we will review variable frequency drives and their impact on a system. We will introduce protective measures covering topics such as reflective waveforms, bearing fluting, motor lead lengths and harmonics.

Date: October 5th at 2:00PM Central

Presenter: Elizabeth Koenig

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