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ODP Dry Kiln Motors

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Toshiba's definite purpose, open drip-proof, high efficiency, Dry Kiln motor series incorporates a new and improved insulation system into the premium open drip-proof design. This allows the motor to run in high ambient temperatures (115° and 135°C) and meets the ever-increasing demands of the lumber industry. The Dry Kiln motor series is designed for the internal harsh environments of the lumber drying kilns, where the motor’s corrosion resistance and high structural rigidity allow for exceptional performance in any dry kiln environment with high ambient temperatures, high humidity, and chemicals. As with other Toshiba designs, reliability and durability are critical factors that differentiate this product from competitors' offerings.

Kiln Motor Design

Toshiba’s Dry Kiln motors are built with several elements that help protect the motor from corrosion and keeps its internal components from damage, which is prone to occur in the high-moisture, high-humidity, and high-ambient temperature dry kiln environments that our motors operate in.

  • Windings are specially-rated for high humidity and corrosive atmospheres and sealed to prevent cracking from the higher ambient temperatures.
  • The enclosure is painted with severe duty-rated paint and the insulation system is designed to prevent moisture from degrading the internal components.

Application Specific Design Suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting provisions; corrosion-resistant paint system also offers protection in lumber dry kiln environments.

Insulation System

Class H insulation system includes epoxy varnish for increased thermal protection.

Inverter Duty These motors are designed for use with an ASD, which can lead to energy savings when the motor is run at optimum fan speed. Insulation system meets NEMA MG1 Part 31 and is suitable for 60:1 Variable Torque.
Ambient Temperature Designs are available for 115° & 135°C ambient temperatures.
Environment Corrosion-resistant epoxy paint system used on the motors is designed for wood drying kiln applications.

0056DPKB31A-PY 5 1200 ODP 215T 60 460 PREMIUM
0058DPKB31A-PY 5 900 ODP 254T 60 460 PREMIUM
Y756DPKB31A-PY 7.5 1200 ODP 254T 60 460 PREMIUM
Y756DPKB31A-PZ 7.5 1200 ODP 256T 60 460 PREMIUM
Y758DPKB31A-PY 7.5 900 ODP 256T 60 460 PREMIUM
Y758DPKB31A-PZ 7.5 900 ODP 284T 60 460 PREMIUM
0106DPKB31A-PY 10 1200 ODP 256T 60 460 PREMIUM
0106DPKB31A-PZ 10 1200 ODP 284T 60 460 PREMIUM
0108DPKB31A-PY 10 900 ODP 284T 60 460 PREMIUM
0108DPKB31A-PZ 10 900 ODP 286T 60 460 PREMIUM
0156DPKB31A-PY 15 1200 ODP 284T 60 460 PREMIUM
0156DPKB31A-PZ 15 1200 ODP 286T 60 460 PREMIUM
0158DPKB31A-PY 15 900 ODP 286T 60 460 PREMIUM
0158DPKB31A-PZ 15 900 ODP 324T 60 460 PREMIUM
0206DPKB31A-PY 20 1200 ODP 286T 60 460 PREMIUM
0206DPKB31A-PZ 20 1200 ODP 324T 60 460 PREMIUM
0208DPKB31A-PY 20 900 ODP 324T 60 460 PREMIUM
0208DPKB31A-PZ 20 900 ODP 364T 60 460 PREMIUM
0256DPKB31A-PY 25 1200 ODP 324T 60 460 PREMIUM
0256DPKB31A-PZ 25 1200 ODP 364T 60 460 PREMIUM
0258DPKB31A-PY 25 900 ODP 326T 60 460 PREMIUM
0258DPKB31A-PZ 25 900 ODP 365T 60 460 PREMIUM

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