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Environmental Management


One World Environment Chance TIC maintains an Environmental Management System (EMS) based on the "Plan, Do Check, Act" model. This model allows TIC to identify, control and monitor its environmental Aspects and Impacts, identify, control, and monitor its environmental Aspects and Impacts, identify its objectives, and reach our desired targets. The EMS also sets forth the framework of TIC's environmental leadership, operational control, structure, and responsibility.

The model endorses the conception of continual improvement. This process begins with an unequivocal support of TIC top management as stated in our Environmental Policy and is integrated company wide as organizational priority. Efforts for improvement performance are enhanced by allowing 100% employee involvement in our environmental stewardship initiatives and making them essential facets of day to day operations.

The TIC Environmental Management System works within the certification guidelines of the International Standards Organization 14001(ISO-14001). The ISO-14001 is a universally-accepted standard focused on continual improvement.

TIC is committed to a Greener Environment and strives to utilize and sustain the resources that govern our business responsibly and to eliminate where possible undesirable effects of processes on the environment. Our goals and objectives are set on the following targets: click for larger view

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