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The agribusiness industry is a vital part of today’s economy, as the industry touches many aspects of society such as food, grains, oils, and even renewable fuels like ethanol. Agribusiness is large-scale and highly industrialized due to modern food processing and extraction plants, which in turn are often very dusty. These plants require industrial solutions that provide protection against the dusty environments in order to safely run their food processing equipment, which include blowers, crushers, and centrifuges.

With many alliances in the agribusiness market, Toshiba’s industrial products have been proven in these dusty agribusiness environments. Our solutions contain a higher level of mechanical protection that will keep your food processing line running as safely and efficiently as possible. Coupled with our extensive understanding of your specific application needs, our solutions are backed with the reliability performance that one continues to expect from Toshiba products.

Our agribusiness-specific products include:

  • Explosion Proof Low Voltage Motor
  • EQP Global® 840 & 841 Low Voltage Motor
  • AS3 Low Voltage Drive
  • T300MV2® Medium Voltage Drive
  • JK Solid State Starter JK Starter

Available Toshiba products applicable to the Agribusiness sector include:
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