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Motor Warranty Claims Procedure

Motor Warranty Claims Procedure

The following outlines the procedure for all applicable motor warranty claims to be submitted to Toshiba International Corporation (TIC):

1. Identify the product and warranty policy associated with the products listed in Table 1.

2. If the customer determines that their motor (Motor) requires service, they should contact an EASA Motor Shop of their choice (EASA Shop) and contract them to perform any necessary inspections1.

3. Once EASA Shop receives the Motor from the customer, EASA shop will perform an inspection at their facility upon the customer’s request.

a. TIC reserves the right (i) to request inspection of failed equipment be performed by TIC at its Houston, Texas facility, and/or (i) to witness any EASA Shop inspection prior any work being performed by EASA Shop.

4. Any such inspection should include disassembly of the Motor and a documented shop diagnosis of the relevant failure.

5. If the issue is deemed a warranty failure by EASA Shop, an EASA warranty repair report shall be filled out and submitted as a claim to TIC along with pictures of the failed Motor components.

a. For Motors above 100hp, TIC will require submission of the following field data and details:

i. alignment readings;

ii. vibration readings at startup;

iii. vibration readings at running conditions;

iv. and greasing interval documentation; and

v. temperature readings of Motor bearings and windings

6. Contact TIC’s Motor Warranty Department at 1(855) 803-7092 prior to proceeding with any repairs to the Motor. Warranty coverage shall be denied if work is started prior to notification of TIC. A repair quote from EASA Shop must be approved by TIC before EASA Shop may proceed with any repairs.

a. Reports for all inspections done by EASA Shops must be forwarded to TIC for review.

b. EASA Shop will then forward to the customer a copy of the inspection report along with the results of whether the warranty claim has been accepted or denied by TIC.

7. For all motors replaced by TIC in lieu of repair, the nameplate of the failed Motor must be sent to TIC’s Motor Warranty Department.

8. The completed EASA Shop evaluation report, repair report, and applicable service repair invoice must be received by TIC within thirty (30) days of completed repairs in order to be eligible for payment by TIC.

a. TIC does not cover in/out charges applicable to accessing Motors.

b. TIC does not cover any freight charges applicable to Motor repairs/inspections or return to TIC.

c. TIC does not cover any overtime charges.

1 Any motor 20 horsepower or below is subject to TIC’s Advance Exchange Warranty Program. See LV Motor Advance Exchange Form for instructions.

Determining Warranty Period

Table 1 sets forth applicable motor warranty time periods from date of Motor shipment specifically by product line for standard catalog products. Note: Certain high thrust pump or heavy belted motors may have normal bearing life that is less than the motor warranty period.

(From Date of Shipment)

Standard, High & Epact Efficiency Designs

Open Drip Proof (ODP)

General Purpose

24 Months

Totally Enclosed

General Purpose

24 Months

Premium Efficiency Designs

Open Drip Proof (ODP)

General Purpose

36 Months

Dry Kiln

18 Months

Totally Enclosed

Brake Motors

36 Months

EQP - Closed Coupled Pump (CCP)

36 Months

EQP - Global Series “840 and SD”

36 Months

EQP - Explosion Proof

36 Months

EQP - Global “841” Series

60 Months

EQP - Global Quarry Duty (QD)

36 Months

EQP - Global Cooling Tower (CT)

36 Months

Oil Well Pump (OWP)

24 Months

Vertical Solid Shaft

36 Months

Medium and High Voltage Motors

General Purpose - High Efficiency

All Enclosures

18 Months

General Purpose – Premium Efficiency

TEFC 449 Frame “841” only

36 Months

Table 1. Motor Warranty Term Lengths.

Motor Warranty Claim Requirements

At a minimum, the following specific requirements will apply for all warranty claims submitted:

• All warranty claims that make reference to special contracts or agreements must include a reference to such contract or agreement at time of the accompanying request.

• Warranty claims must be submitted to TIC within thirty (30) days of the failure. No warranty claims will be accepted after this time.

• An EASA Motor Warranty Report that has been completed in full will be required for all motor warranty claims prior to any repairs being started. Warranty coverage shall be denied if repairs are started without prior TIC approval.

o All warranty claims on motor winding failures must include pictures of the failure, which shall be provided along with the applicable EASA warranty repair report.

• Returned goods must have been approved in advance by TIC and are to be sent prepaid with a referenced Toshiba return authorization number. The Return Authorization form can be found online at https://www.toshiba.com/tic/service-warranty/service-request-forms.

Please note: The TIC Motors & Drives Division Field Service Department (Field Service Department) will be responsible for pricing policy on repairs. Where applicable, a baseline for warranty repair pricing will be established per the current release of VAUGHEN'S PDQ pricing system. Final repair pricing shall be determined and approved by the Field Service Department prior to any work being performed. Failure to confirm TIC warranty approval may result in non-payment for any unauthorized work that has been completed.

Applicable Warranty Period After a Repair or Replacement is Performed

When an EASA motor repair shop repairs a motor, the repaired portion of the motor is now covered by the warranty offered by the repair shop from the date of the repair. When required documentation, which shall include applicable EASA inspection reports, shop repair reports, and completed invoices, is sent to TIC and to the extent such documentation has been accepted by TIC, TIC’s original warranty will still apply to the motor except with respect to the repaired portion, which is to be covered by the applicable warranty, if any, offered by the EASA motor repair shop that performed such repair.

If/when a decision is made to replace the entire motor, the replacement motor will be subject to the remaining warranty period of the original warranted motor. The warranty period does not start over for the replacement motor.



Unless a different warranty is agreed to in writing by Supplier and Buyer, affixed to the Goods by the manufacturer or Supplier, or is specified in writing in any maintenance or operating instructions pertaining to such Goods, Supplier warrants that the Goods sold by Supplier to Buyer will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty shall expire eighteen (18) months after the date on which the Goods are delivered by Supplier to the initial purchaser or twelve (12) months after the Goods are first placed in operation, whichever period shall first expire. If the Goods fail to conform to the foregoing warranty, Supplier shall, at its sole discretion, repair, replace or update, free of charge, or refund the purchase price paid for any such nonconforming Goods; provided Buyer (1) promptly notifies Supplier in writing of the nonconformity, (2) furnishes Supplier satisfactory proof thereof, and (3) if requested by Supplier, returns the nonconforming equipment, part or software to Supplier and pays all expenses incurred in connection with such return. Delivery of the repaired, replacement or updated equipment, part or software, shall be FCA Supplier designated facility or at Supplier’s option, FCA a Supplier authorized service shop (INCOTERMS® 2020), export packing not included. Buyer shall pay all costs following such delivery, including, without limitation, all handling, transportation, assembly, installation, insurance, testing, and inspection charges. The warranty excludes (1) normal wear and tear; (2) Goods that have not been properly stored, assembled, installed, serviced, maintained, operated, or used within the limits of rated capacity and normal usage; (3) Goods not used in accordance with current operating and maintenance instructions furnished by Supplier, and (4) Goods that have been altered or modified in any manner without the written consent of Supplier. THE FOREGOING OBLIGATION TO REPAIR, REPLACE, UPDATE OR REFUND THE PURCHASE PRICE PAID FOR THE GOODS SHALL BE THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY OF PURCHASER, ITS CUSTOMERS AND USERS OF THE GOODS FOR THE BREACH OF THE FOREGOING WARRANTY. SUPPLIER SHALL HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO DISASSEMBLE ANY NONCONFORMING GOODS OR TO INSTALL ANY REPAIRED OR REPLACEMENT PART, EQUIPMENT OR SOFTWARE OR TO PAY ANY COSTS INCURRED IN CONNECTION WITH SUCH DISASSEMBLY OR INSTALLATION. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS AND SUPPLIER HEREBY EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER EXPRESS, STATUTORY AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS, AS APPLICABLE, OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

2 This standard warranty is consistent with the warranty found in Toshiba International Corporation’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, effective as of March 15, 2022, and all capitalized terms used herein shall have the meaning ascribed to such term therein.

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