Toshiba Research and Development

Research & Development

Toshiba International Corporation (TIC) firmly believes that investing in R&D is essential for future growth and to remain competitive. TIC has successfully developed many products at its Houston, Texas headquarters including:

  • EQP Global® Low Voltage Motor
  • Toshwash® SS Low Voltage Motor
  • Dura-Bull TX® Medium Voltage Motor
  • VTX® Vertical Hollow Shaft Medium Voltage Motor
  • P9 Low Voltage Pump Drive
  • Plus Pack Low Voltage Outdoor Drive
  • T300MVi® & T300MV2™ Medium Voltage Drive
  • MTX® & MTX2™ Medium Voltage Outdoor Drive
  • 5000 Series Industrial Uninterruptible Power System
  • E1000 Series Energy Management System
  • HCV-5HA(L) Vacuum Contactor

TIC's products undergo a vigorous testing process at on-site test labs. Having an in-house testing facility allows TIC to test products together, as a complete system, before it goes out into the field-ensuring the highest level of quality, performance, and reliability. TIC's test lab meets ISO 9001:2008, NVLAP Lab Code 200088-0, and UL certifications.

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