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Water & Wastewater

The water and wastewater industry is a highly-regulated industrial market that must meet numerous national and regional water quality requirements. From water processing and water treatment facilities to wastewater plants, water and wastewater processes need to be streamlined and efficient in order to improve production costs.

Toshiba designed a product line that was specifically designed for water and wastewater applications. Toshiba innovative solutions help to reduce transformer losses and eliminate significant harmonic content to the power grid, all while operating in a reduced footprint-leading to reduced energy consumption and production costs. Toshiba experts understand the various industrial water regulations and can help meet industry-specific requirements with reliable solutions.

Toshiba International Corporation has decades of experience delivering trustworthy solutions for industries such as Power, Electric, Campus Energy, HVAC, and Water/Wastewater treatment. We are a single source supplier in applications such as High & Low Service Pumps, Blowers, Sludge Pumps, Floculators, Sewage, and Water Pipelines. Our products are built with an emphasis on factors that matter most – efficiency, reliability and low cost of ownership. Toshiba products include electromagnetic flowmeters, programmable logic controllers (PLC), hybrid integrated control platforms, IOT solutions, DCS & PLC integrated systems, electric motors, adjustable speed drives, and power apparatus & components.

For more information, contact TIC-WWW@toshiba.com

Our water and wastewater-specific products include:

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