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Toshiba Completes Expansion of its Control Plant in Texas

Toshiba International Corporation, July 9, 2013—Toshiba International Corporation (TIC) recently completed an expansion of its control plant located in Houston, Texas. The expansion provides an additional 107,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space and is scheduled to commence production in the new space by fall 2013.

The approximately $20 million capital investment will meet the need to double the capacity of its medium voltage adjustable speed drive product line, which has seen substantial growth over the last two years. The expansion will allow TIC to reduce lead times to better serve its customers in key markets including Oil & Gas and Mining.

Additionally, the plant will also be positioned to satisfy the growth in other key product areas including low voltage adjustable speed drives, motor starters, and rail transit control systems.

“Our customers have demonstrated an overwhelming acceptance of our medium voltage drive products, and the growth of this product line has been phenomenal,” said Mark Laber, Adjustable Speed Drives Business Unit Manager, TIC’s Industrial Division. “Full production in the expansion will allow us to increase our monthly capacity and reduce lead times. Additionally, it will house our high volume medium voltage drive line, allowing us to begin stocking medium voltage drive inventory in our Houston warehouse.”

The expansion will bring an additional 100 jobs to the Houston area, adding to the large employee growth TIC has had in the last two years. The 55-acre Houston facility has undergone three expansions in the last five years, as TIC continues to build its North American infrastructure and support the needs of its customers.

“TIC has grown to over 1,500 people at the Houston facility over the past few years,” said Mike Ayers, Senior VP & GM, TIC’s Industrial Division. “This expansion will allow us to continue to grow in people and new products in the future.”

GHP President & CEO Bob Harvey added, “The Greater Houston Partnership proudly supports Toshiba’s commitment to building its presence in Houston. Toshiba is an active member of our organization, and we’re excited that they will continue their rich tradition of growing jobs and making capital investments in our region. This expansion will further boost the company’s corporate and community profile in the Houston region, while enhancing Houston’s image as an advanced manufacturing and technology center.”

The official ground breaking for construction took place in August 2012 and the building was completed in just one year. In addition to increased manufacturing space, the facility will also add engineering space and test capabilities.

About Toshiba International Corporation’s Industrial Division

The Industrial Division is a world leader in the design and sale of electric motors, adjustable speed drives, motor controls, uninterruptible power systems, and network and automation system products. Many of these products are designed, built, and tested in our over 1,000,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. The Industrial Division has a totally integrated manufacturing process; our research and development, design, engineering, production and manufacturing, and after-market service and support are all commandeered under one single roof. For more information about TIC’s Industrial Division, please visit www.toshiba.com/ind.

About Toshiba International Corporation

Toshiba International Corporation (TIC) is a Toshiba America Inc. (TAI) Group Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, and comprised of four divisions - Motors & Drives, Automotive, Power Electronics and Transmission & Distribution. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, TIC provides application solutions to a wide range of industries including general industrial, oil and gas, utilities, datacenters, renewables, HVAC, water/wastewater, and mining. For more information about TIC, please visit www.toshiba.com/tic.

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