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Toshiba Tours Distributor Locations by Motorcycle on Road to EASA ‘18

HOUSTON, TX — June 18, 2018 — The Toshiba International Corporation (TIC) sales team is hitting the road by motorcycle to tour distributor locations en route to the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) annual conference, held this year in Milwaukee, WI, June 24-26. Follow TIC VP of Sales Patrick Hines as he blogs his way across the 2,800-mile trek from Houston, TX, to Milwaukee and back again. Road trip and EASA updates also are available on TIC social media, @madebytoshiba (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram), and via the #EASA18RoadTour hashtag.

“On this roughly 2,800-mile round trip I’ll get a chance to visit with several of our distributor partners that are so important to Toshiba’s success,” said Hines. “The best part of my job is the time I get to spend in the field with our customers and my sales team. It’s in front of customers where we grow our business together.”

The first half of the ride ends at the EASA ’18 in Milwaukee, home of Harley-Davidson. Toshiba is kicking off the convention with a member appreciation event at the recently remodeled Harley-Davidson Museum. During show exhibit hours Toshiba booth #701 will display the latest motors and drives products and offer hands-on demos. Products featured include the EQP Global motor series, the award-winning AS3 low voltage adjustable speed drive, and S15 heavy duty microdrive. Schedule an appointment to see the full assortment of products to be shown at EASA ’18 at www.toshiba.com/tic/EA18_distributor.

“The Electrical Apparatus Service Association is a fantastic decades-old group of nearly 1,800 member firms across 32 chapters,” said Hines. “The role they fill in educating and promoting the highest standards across industry is indispensable and invaluable.”

About Toshiba International Corporation

Toshiba International Corporation (TIC) is a Toshiba America Inc. (TAI) Group Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, and comprised of four divisions - Motors & Drives, Automotive, Power Electronics and Transmission & Distribution. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, TIC provides application solutions to a wide range of industries including general industrial, oil and gas, utilities, datacenters, renewables, HVAC, water/wastewater, and mining. For more information about TIC, please visit www.toshiba.com/tic.

About the TIC Motors & Drives Division

The TIC Motors & Drives division, which offers a full range of motors, adjustable speed drives, and motor controls, is anchored by a totally integrated manufacturing process; research and development, design, engineering, production and manufacturing, and after-market service and support are all commandeered under one single roof. With the capability to test products together as a complete system before sending out into the field, TIC ensures the highest level of quality, performance, and reliability.

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