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Arc-Resistant JK

Motor Control Center

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The Arc-Resistant JK (AR-JK) Motor Control Center is designed to increase safety, reliability, and uptime. Utilizing advanced technology, high quality materials, and structural design, the AR-JK effectively mitigates the risks and costs associated with an arc fault by working to contain and divert arc-related explosions.

Type 2B Accessibility Type 2B accessibility offers increased protection around the entire perimeter of the AR-JK, including instances when the low voltage compartment is open and under maintenance.

Insulated Main Bus

The insulated main bus prevents inadvertent contact with bus bars and isolates them to limit the spread of an arc blast.

Modular, Pre-Assembled Exhaust Plenum The exhaust plenum channels fire, smoke, and debris from an arc fault out and away from personnel around the perimeter of the AR-JK MCC. The modular design enables the plenum to be installed facing the left, right or back depending on user requirements.
Advanced Pressure Relief System The AR-JK uses an advanced pressure relief system designed to redirect arc blasts safely. An internal venting system and ventilation flaps are utilized to manage internal pressure.
Reinforced Structural Design Reinforced doors, sides and end covers increase the AR-JK’s ability to withstand the explosion of an arc fault safely.
Bolted Pressure Isolation Switch The isolation switch is designed with a mechanical interlock between the contactor and the isolation switch that prevents opening or closing the isolation switch unless the main contactor is opened.

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