Flash Memory Server

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Flash Memory Server

Up to 30 Channel Inputs/40 Channel Outputs with 60 TB of Secure Storage

  • Server platforms scalable from 1 TB to 60 TB
  • Real-Time, Direct-to-Air Video Server Design
  • Accurate Video Presets on Schedule
  • No Load Variations in Processing Speeds

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High Reliability

Flash Memory, IP Network, RAID
  • Flash Memory, IP Network, RAID
  • Solid-State and Maintenace-Free Recording Media
  • Latest 64 G Chip Sets
  • High-Speed 10/1 G LAN Interface
  • Rebuild Speed 3x Faster than HDD

Multi I/O, High Availability

High speed file interface
  • High-Speed File Interface
  • New Effective Workflow
  • Up to 30 × 800 Mbps Ports Simultaneously
  • Even Play Out of File Base Transfers
Multi I/O: Delivering excellent performance
  • Offering High I/O Capabilities
  • Concurrent Input/Output Operation
  • Simultaneous Real-Time Play, 40 ch Outputs

Open interface

  • For Control, ON-AIR MAX FLASH™ Exposes its API as a General Interface as well as Supporting VDCP.

Energy Efficient, Compact

  • Low Power Consumption, Reduced by 40% Compared to Previous Models
  • Low Heat Dissipation using SLC 64 G Chips

Great Flexibility

0.25TB, 0.5TB, 1TB
  • Scale Storage from 1 TB to 60 TB
  • Available Memory Boards: 0.25 TB, 0.5 TB or 1 TB
  • Supporting Latest Codec Formats: MPEG2 Long GOP/ ALL I and H.264 ALL I (AVC- Intra)
  • Supporting File Format: MXF OP1a
Up/Down Conversion features
  • High Quality Up/Down Conversions with Low Latency, Closed Caption & AFD Support, and Audio Transparency.

Reliable Hardware

  • Based on Proven Results for Large Capacity and High Bandwidth Environments, ON-AIR MAX FLASH™ uses the latest 64 G Chip Set and High-Speed 10/1 G LAN Interface
  • Monitor Wear Leveling and Erase Rewrites
  • Prevent Common Secular Wearing
  • FEC (Forward Error Correction)
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Unlike the competition, Toshiba has developed a flash memory controller that monitors the wear leveling and erase rewrites to prevent the common secular wearing as seen in most "other" SSD applications.
  • Toshiba also employs FEC (Forward error correction) to prevent any data write lost. Redundant power supplies are also included benefits.

Toshiba NAND type flash memory (* Size/shape characteristics may differ from actual image.) image

800 Mbps High Speed File Transfers

  • Toshiba's Original High-Speed Communication Platform, NPEngine™, offers High-Speed File Transfers
  • 30 ports × 800 Mbps for MXF and Other File Transfers

Power- and Space-Saving

  • Power Consumption Reduced by 40% Compared to Pevious Models
  • 64 G NAND Flash Chips Condensed onto Single Memory Boards
  • Low Power Design

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Flexible Configuration

High flexibility

  • Three types of memory card sets are available to choose from: 0.25TB, 0.5TB, and 1TB
  • Hot swappable cards make it easy to expand I/O's and memory capacity. Add channels, formats and bandwidth as needed.
  • The system can be upgraded automatically by changing the configuration of the cards and software.

One Chassis Solution

  • Offering encoders, decoders, flash memory storage, controllers and system management, all in a single 5RU chassis. Minimizing chassis size, lowering power consumption, fewer internal cable connections, hot swappable, easy maintenance contribute to a greener footprint.

Free Slot Configuration

  • ON-AIR MAX FLASH™ has a free slot architecture. Up to any 16 cards can be installed into a single 5RU chassis. The card combination and slot location can be adjusted by user's request.

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Multi-Channels High Performance Workflow

High-speed file transfer at 800Mbps that grows with ever needing requirements and change.

  • The ON-AIR MAX FLASH™ has 10 IP ports, each with 800Mbps of dedicated bandwidth for non- real - time fi le transfers. It also offers simultaneous I/O operation with 40ch of frame accurate real time baseband outputs ports.
  • Currently scaling at 60TB of flash memory storage.
  • ON-AIR MAX FLASH™ can adapt to customer's ever changing work flow, creating an architect that grows as requirements and needs grow.

The high-speed file transfer at 700Mbps that grows with ever needing requirements and change image

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  • ON-AIR MAX FLASH™ supports 1080i, 720p, 480i and 576i format for ingest and play out. (NTSC/PAL)
  • Internal Multi Converter (M/C) allow users to specify separate formats for each individual output ports. Back- to-back playout is available for different compression formats and/or different picture resolutions.
  • Supported codec formats are: MPEG2 Long GOP/ ALL I and H.264 ALL I (AVC- Intra)
  • Encoders and decoders support both these formats.
  • Closed Caption conversion, EIA-608/EIA-708 support.
  • AFD support.

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Standard protocol and open platform API

Open control interface

ON-AIR MAX FLASH™ offers an open API over IP, allowing various MAM applications and 3rd party controllers to neatly tie into the ON-AIR MAX FLASH™ for more intricate workflows. Standard VDCP is also accepted.

Open control interface image

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Application for ON-AIR MAX FLASH™

  • File management tool for ON-AIR MAX FLASH™
  • Play List/File Transfer/Delete command available from external PC
  • Traffice/Automation playlist compatible
  • Secondary event support
  • Based API (Application Program Interface)
  • Control via Ethernet LAN
  • API and VDCP compliant
  • SNMP and alarm log files.
  • As Run Log

Application image

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Technical specifications list

In/Output Signal Format Video (NTSC/APL) HD-SDI: SMPTE292M 1080i/59.94Hz, 1080i/50Hz, 720P/59.94Hz, 720P/50Hz
SD-SDI: SMPTE259M 480i/59.94Hz, 576i/50Hz
Up/Down Conversion / Cross Conversion with Closed Caption, AFD, VANC, Ancillary Data Support
Audio Dolby Digital and Dolby E Passthrough
Discrete AES/EBU (SMPTE272M) : 16 inputs (8 pairs) on BNC (75Ω unbalanced)
Data Closed Caption (EIA-608, EIA-708)
Ancillary Data (VANC, VBI)
File MXF OP1a
Number of In/Output Baseband Input Min. 1 Channel/Max 30 Channels
Baseband Output Min. 2 Channel/Max 40 Channels
Compression format Video MPEG2 LONG GOP / I-frame only, AVC-Intra
Support Bit Rate HD: MPEG2 17.5 Mbps, 25 Mbps, 35 Mbps, 50 Mbps/AVC-Intra, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps
SD: MPEG2 I-frame only 30 Mbps, 40 Mbps, 50 Mbps
AVC-Intra (H.264 I-frame only) User Selectable Bit Rate (HD :50/100 Mbps)
Audio Non-compressed PCM 24 Bit at 48 KHz
Dolby Digital and Dolby E Passthrough
Storage Storage Device SLC 64 Gbit Flash Memory
Selectable Memory Board 3 type : 0.25/0.5/1 TB (By Request)
Storage (per 5RU chassis) Maximum Storage Capacity in Standard 5RU: 8 TB (2 Memory Sets)
1 Memory Set is Consisting of 4 Memory Cards (5 Memory Cards are Necessary for RAID Option)
Minimum Storage Time i.e. 30hours@65Mbps
Maximun storage time i.e. 1000hours@65Mbps
Genlock Analog BB(Black Burst) BNC, 75Ω
Network interface I Gbps Ethernet FTP
File transfer speed: 30 Ports x 800 Mbps maximum
Ethernet for maintenance HTTP / SNMP
Control protocol API/Ethernet
RS-422/VDCP or Sony 9pin protocol
GPIO (8 GPIO lines configurable)

Chassis/Mechanical/Electrical specification list

Chassis 5RU 221(H) x 436(W) x 576(D) Free slot configuration
Power supply Power supply 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Hot Swappable
Power consumption depends on the configuration
Conditions Temperature 5 to 35 ℃

Toshiba Broadcasting & Network Systems offer an array of broadcasting solutions backed by the reliability and performance of the Toshiba brand. Product features include:

  • High Speed
  • Energy efficiency
  • Space saving

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