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OIS-DS, Operator Interface Station, is the interface for the TOSDIC™-CIE DS/nV system recommended for the industrial PC FA3100 series platform or other Windows 10 computers.

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In the Toshiba OIS-DS system, the OIS-DS reads and writes data directly to and from the controllers. The server is only used for historical data such as trends and historical alarms. If the server fails, the operator still has control of the process throgh the OIS-DS interface.

Prompt and Accurate Screen Operations

Easy-to-Navigate Screen Operation

Monitoring screens have a hierarchical (or top-down) structure for easy-to-find the information. Related data can be quickly displayed. Multiple monitoring screens are linked for display purposes, so that information can be monitored and analyzed from several perspectives.

Easy System Configuration, Reduced Engineering Time

In TOSDIC-CIE DS, the process data base server (controller) and the process data reference client part (a human interface: OIS-DS) are separated. If the process data is registered on the controller side, registering the same process data in the OIS-DS side is not necessary, unlike other SCADA package.

When OIS-DS is connected with the control network of TOSDIC-CIE DS, OIS-DS communicates with the process data base registered to the controller and it provides the access method of the process data to the user. As a result, the engineering time required for the system construction can be reduced due to the flexible configuration environment and improves as plant scale becomes larger.


Standard screens

Point Display Screen
Point Display Screen monitors a process tag. A operator can check alarms, change control parameters and do remote operation of the tag.
Group Display ScreenGroup Display Screen monitors multi process tags. A operator can use the Operater’s Keyboard in option, and he can do remote operation of a maximum of eight process tags simultaneously.
Real Time Trend DisplayTrend Display Screen monitors multi trend tags. A operator can see these of a maximum of eight simultaneously.
Guidance Display ScreenGuidance Display Screen monitors guidance tags which are created when each events happen. Events set up various conditions as you like.
System Status Display ScreenSystem Status Display Screen monitors stations in TOSDIC™-CIE DS/nv system.
Alarm Summary Display ScreenAlarm Summary Display Screen monitors alarms in TOSDIC™-CIE DS/nv system. A operator can see this list.
History Trend DisplayHistory Display Screen monitors historical data in TOSDIC™-CIE DS/nv system. A operator can save the logs into a file.

Optional Software

OIS-DS has following optional software for support

Optional software Outline
16-Tag Group Package The process tag displayed on the group screen of OIS-DS is extended to a maximum of 16 from 8.
Real Time Trend Package OIS-DS adds the Realtime Trend Display Screen which monitors process tags collected in a short cycle.
Hardcopy Package
OIS-DS adds the color conversion function into its hardcopy function to save ink.
2CRT OIS Package OIS-DS adds the multi monitor function to display the screen in the suitable size on multiple monitors.
Historical Data Auto Save Package OIS-DS adds the function which saves historical data into a file.
OIS Navigation Package OIS-DS adds the OIS Navigation Window function which allow an operator to customize the navigation and operation of the OIS.

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