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Total Solids Density Meter

Total Solids Microwave Density Sensor

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Toshiba's Microwave Density Meter LQ series uses a new principle, microwave phase total solids measurement, to determine the density of suspended solids in water flowing through pipes.

The LQ500 has a linear output and is optimized to measure true percent total solids in your process fluid. Accordingly, an easily-repeatable measurement and excellent closed-loop control can be implemented.

The LQ500's primary use is to increase treatment plant efficiency, improve water quality, simplify calculations of total solids, and reduce labor and laboratory costs. It is also used for replacing high maintenance or poor performing meters such as optical, ultrasonic, nuclear, blades, coriolis, etc.

The LQ500 can be used in industries such as water/wastewater, pulp & paper, food & beverage, mining, aggregate, and pharmaceutical.

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