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Type 1 Light

Standard Sequence control module

Related Information
Type 1 Light S – PUM11 CPU
Standard Sequence control module

The Type 1 Light S CPU mounts in a standard V2000 I/O rack (3 I/O, 5 I/O or 8 I/O racks are available). It can replace a S2E module. The Type 1 Light S does not support racks with station bus, or I/O modules that require a station bus.

Built in communication options

The Type 1 Light S CPU has both a RS485 port and an Ethernet port which supports Toshiba’s ASCII computer link protocol. This allows connection by any HMI or SCADA software that has the Toshiba computer link driver. Also Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU and direct communication with Toshiba LV VFDs.

Quick overview
  • CPU module: PUM11
  • Program capacity: 32K steps
  • Number of I/O connections: Up to 32
  • External I/F: Ethernet RS485 (computer link, Modbus RTU, VFD driver) USB (for connecting tool)

Type 1 Light H – PUM12 CPU
High-performance Sequence control module

The Unified Controller nv series™ TC-net™ I/O is built-in to the Type 1 Light H CPU. It can be applied to I/O systems to provide enhanced performance. The master station, built into the CPU module, enables direct connection of the TC-net™ I/O loop. A 4 km-long remote I/O system than can be installed at low cost. The connected I/O can be selected from Integrated Controller V2000 series I/O (G2 I/O) or Unified Controller nv series™ TC-net™ I/O.

Remote I/O configuration

The system collects and controls remote signals in real time. The TC-net™ I/O is a high-speed, robust I/O system for communication by optical cable with strong resistance to electrical noise.

Quick overview
  • CPU module: PUM12
  • Program capacity: 64K steps
  • TC-net™ I/O Loop: 1 loop
  • Number of TC-net™ I/O connections: up to 64
  • External I/F: Ethernet
  • USB (for connecting tools)

Type 1 Light D – PUM14 CPU

Redundant sequence control module

The Type 1 Light D CPU supports redundancy. Redundancy enables greater productivity by providing the highest system availability. With a program capacity of 128K steps and the ability to connect up to 192 I/O modules, the Type 1 Light D is ideal for critical medium and large-scale systems. The module can also be used in a single module configuration.

High performance and critical system reliability
Automatic switching to the secondary CPU occurs if a problem is detected in the primary CPU.

Quick overview
  • CPU module: PUM14
  • Program capacity: 128K steps
  • TC-net™ I/O Loop: 1 loop
  • Number of TC-net™ I/O connections: up to 192
  • External I/F: Ethernet, USB (for connecting tools)

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