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Letter Handling

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Toshiba draws on more than 40 years of experience in the supply of letter handling systems to deliver systems supporting high-speed processing and address reading rates. Toshiba Letter Handling Systems offer cost-effective, ergonomic designs, small footprints, low noise levels, low power consumption, and low life-cycle costs.

Culler Facer Canceller (CFC)
This highly efficient pre-processing system culls letters and post cards according to their format (size/thickness) and identifies and cancels the stamps.

OCR Letter Sorting Machine (LSM)
A high-speed, highly stable system, available with either a 2- or 4-layer stacker, designed for effective utilization of space and user-friendly operation.

Barcode Reader
An excellent barcode recognition rate for color printed mail and envelopes is enhanced by a design that allows installation in systems from other manufacturers..

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