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RemotEye® HMI

Toshiba SCiB Energy Storage System Human Machine Interface Solution

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The RemotEye ® Human Machine Interface (HMI) offers unparalleled edge computing capabilities for the Toshiba SCiB Energy Storage System (ESS). This sophisticated device provides a single interface to interact with the connected SCiB ESS, even when it comprises multiple (up to eight) cabinets.

This system also allows you to delve into multiple layers of data, ranging from the macro view of the entire system to the micro view of each cell. This offers insight into a range of data points such as battery state of charge, operation, alarms, and overall status, enabling you to maximize efficiency and optimize your business' uptime.

Additionally, it allows for a luxurious, comprehensive view of your Toshiba UPS equipped with the RemotEye ® 4 IoT card and energy storage system, all within one sophisticated interface, providing exceptional monitoring of the entire system. You can even experience the same visual sensation as if you were standing right in front of the Human-Machine Interface with the convenience of remote connectivity through VNC protocol.

RemotEye® HMI Monitoring Features

  • System status overview
  • Monitor multiple cabinets (up to 8 cabinets)
  • Battery state of charge
  • String contactor status
  • Visibility to UPS data
  • Visibility to string-level data
  • Visibility to module-level data
  • Visibility to cell-level data
  • Real-time charts
  • Key performance analytics
  • System info, warning & critical alarms
  • Buzzer on alarms
  • User-friendly interface
  • Remote access via VNC

System Requirements:

The RemotEye ® HMI utilizes TCP/IP protocols for communication with cabinets and Toshiba UPS. In order for communication to be successful, both the cabinets and UPS must be equipped with RemotEye® 4 and RemotEye® ESS cards and must be located within the same subnet.

Products Part Number Firmware Version
RemotEye ® 4 RMTI-4/T90RMTI4/T90RMTI4-NB v1.12 or newer
RemotEye ® ESS RMTI-ESS/RMTI-ESS-G9 V2.4.8.34 or newer
Protocol Port Number Configurable
HTTP 80 No
HTTPS 443 No
NTP 123 & 1023 No
VNC 5900 Yes
DHCP 67 & 68 No


Part Number G9B00SCIBDISP
ESS Compatibility 480VDC ESS
UPS Compatibility G9000/G9400
Display - Colors 7” TFT 16:9 - 64K
Resolution 800 x 480, WVGA
Brightness 200 Cd/m2 typ.
Dimming Yes
Touchscreen Resistive
CPU 32-bit RISC single core - 1 GHz
Operating System Linux 3.12
Flash 4 GB
RAM 512 MB
RTC, RTC Back-up, Buzzer Yes
Ethernet port 1 (port 0 - 10/100Mbps)
USB port 1 (Host v. 2.0, max. 500 mA)
Serial port (RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, software configurable)
Network Protocols
HTTP Port 80
VNC Port 5900
Power supply 24 Vdc (10 to 32 Vdc)
Current consumption 0.3 A at 24 Vdc (max.)
Input protection Automatic
Battery Yes (Supercapacitor)
Environment Conditions
Operating temp 0 to 50 °C (vertical installation)
Storage temp -20°C to +70°C
Operating / Storage Humidity 5-85% RH, non-condensing
Protection class IP66 (front), IP20 (rear) Type: 2, 4X
Dimensions and Weights
Faceplate L x H 187x147 mm (7.36x5.79”)
Cutout A x B 176x136 mm (6.93x5.35”)
Depth D + T 29+5 mm (1.14+0.19”)
Weight Approx 0.6 Kg
CE Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU (EMC)
ATEX Zone 2: II 3 G Ex ic ec IIC T6 Gc
UL cULus: UL508, Class 1 Div 2
Two years

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