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GSA Information

GSA Information

Related Information
GSA Contract Holder GSA Advantage
Contract Type Schedule MAS contract for buildings and building materials / industrial services and supplies
Contract Number
Products Covered
* T1000 Series, Single-Phase, 1.0 to 3.0 kVA UPS Systems
* 1600XPi/XP Series, Single-Phase, 3.6 to 22 kVA UPS Systems
* 4400 Series, Three-Phase, 15 to 80 kVA UPS Systems
Services Covered
* Startups
* Extended/Enhanced Warranty
* Maintenance Agreements
GSA Contact Information
Greg Mack
Power Electronics Division VP and General Manager
13131 W. Little York Rd.
Houston, TX 77041
Phone: 713-466-0277 x3604, Fax: 713-896-5212
Email: greg.mack@toshiba.com

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*GSA Schedule Pricing applicable only to those authorized to purchase from the GSA Schedule.

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