1600XP/XPi Series Options


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1600XP/XPi Series Options
  • The 1600XP/XPi Series UPS comes with optional matching battery cabinets to extend the runtime. The battery cabinet includes an Internal Charger, DC Circuit Breaker, Hot-Swappable Battery Trays and Anderson Style Connector Cable.
  • Battery Cabinet Model# kVA Size Estimated Runtime w/ 1 BC* Estimated Runtime w/ 2 BC*
    UH3/H3B-BC-0370 3.6 45 min. 72 min.
    UH3/H3B-BC-0650 6.0 30 min. 51 min.
    UH3/H3B-BC-1825 8.0 44 min. 72 min.
    UH3/H3B-BC-1825 10.0 35 min. 60 min.
    UH3/H3B-BC-1825 14.0 30 min. 51 min.
    UH3/H3B-BC-1825 18.0 21 min. 40 min.
    UH3/H3B-BC-1825 22.0 16 min. 30 min.

    *Above calculation is based on 0.85 output PF and at full load. Runtime will vary due to differences in battery manufacture, age, temperature, load, life-cycle, and utilization profile.

  • Non-matching battery cabinets are also available in a variety of sizes to match your back-up needs. Contact your Toshiba representative for details.

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