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4300 Series UPS Options

The 4300 Series UPS can be extensively customized to meet the needs of the IT industry. Starting with the base UPS, additional combinations of Line-Up-and-Match Transformer, Battery, MBS, and Power Distribution cabinets can be joined to provide a customized small-footprint power solution.

  • 431A Auxiliary Cabinet- Up to two isolation/auto-transformers in over 60 combinations of input/output voltages.  Alternative configurations allow for a single transformer and a power distribution panel, or an integrated MBS and power distribution panel.
  • 431B Battery Cabinet- Up to two independently-breakered sets of three strings of hot-swappable battery trays provide 8 min. backup at 50 kVA, or 17 min. backup at 30 kVA (0.8 PF).
  • 431M Maintenance Bypass Cabinet- The slim sidecar-style MBS is a miniscule 11 in. wide.  The unique interlocking slide-plate with locking solenoid greatly reduces the chance of accidently dropping the critical load.
  • 4310 Series Kick-Plates- Optional heavy-duty kick-plates designed to securely enclose the base of the 4300 UPS and any combination of optional 4300 Series attached cabinets.
  • RemotEye® III- The 4300 has been designed to take full advantage of the enhanced communication capabilities of the new optional RemotEye® III Ethernet card. (See the RemotEye® III option for more information)
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