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Toshiba Remote Power Panel

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The Toshiba Remote Power Panel (RPP) provides an expansive and flexible solution for critical
power distribution. With up to 168 monitoring ready breakers in an innovative compartmentalized
design, the Toshiba RPP is ready to support the electrical home stretch to your critical loads.

  • Easily Installed
  • 3-Year Onsite Warranty
  • Compartmentalized Design
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Revenue Grade Monitoring
    • The Toshiba RPP has the option to provide revenue grade data to be displayed by a local monitoring device or building management system. This provides accurate data for customers to make informed decisions involving power needs and consumption.
  • Flexibility
    • Ready to be tailored to indi-vidual project requirements. Accomodates various configurations of:
      • 42 Circuit Panelboards rated up to 400A
      • Up to Four (4) Source Breakers
      • Branch Circuit Monitoring for Panelboards and Main Feeds
      • SNMP & Modbus TCP/IP Communication
      • Floor Stand Options.

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