V200 Series Micro PLCs

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V200 Series Micro PLCs

Micro Programmable Logic Controller

Toshiba's V200 series products are micro programmable logic controllers with optional expansion I/O. Impressive communications capabilities, an advanced instruction set, and a large memory (program and data register) make the V200 an ideal fit for applications that previously required larger, more expensive programmable controllers. In addition, the V200's high-speed performance makes them especially suited for sophisticated machine-control and complicated process control applications.

Key Features:

  • Networking: Modbus Master/Slave, Modbus TCP/IP Client/Server, Toshiba Inverter/ASD, and Others
  • Advanced Math: Double Register, Floating Point, Log, and AntiLog
  • Integrated Setup Software: Same Software Programs all the OIS PLUS (Operator Interface Stations) as well as V200 Series PLCs
  • Wide Variety of I/O Modules: HS Inputs, PWM Outputs, Thermocouple, and RTD
  • Computer Control Instructions: I/O Interrupts, For-Next Loops, Subroutines, Indirect, and Addressing
  • Communications Modules: SMS Module Coming Soon
  • IEC 61131 Programming Option: Coming Soon

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