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The Toshiba SCiB Energy Storage System (ESS) utilizes Lithium Titanium Oxide Battery chemistry to provide safe and reliable backup for UPS applications. The SCiB Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) topology alongside state of the art monitoring devices greatly reduce the potential for thermal runaway suffered by other lithium chemistries. Additionally, the Toshiba SCiB ESS requires minimal maintenance and has a service life of 20+ years, often lasting longer than the UPS itself. The enclosure is lighter and more compact than that of lead acid or other lithium chemistries, thereby freeing up space to maximize IT data revenue.

Toshiba’s 480VDC SCiB ESS provides safe and long-lasting rechargeable battery backup power in a compact enclosure. Ideal for cutting-edge applications requiring minimal UPS battery backup time in conjunction with fast start generators, the 480VDC SCiB ESS is perfectly designed for datacenters, colocation, and healthcare industries.


Long Cycle-Life: 20 times greater than valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) lifetime

  • Long Shelf Life: Maintains over 90% charge for over one year in storage environment of -30°C to 45°C
  • Toshiba Quality: SCiB cells, modules, and cabinets are all manufactured by Toshiba
  • Best-in-Class 12-Year Warranty
  • Superior Safety: Resistant to dendritic growth over 10,000 cycles at 100% SOC (state of charge)
  • Space and Volume Efficient: Half the volume and weight of VRLA
  • Configurable up to eight (8) cabinets connected in parallel to a single UPS, providing a wide range of available backup times.
  • Cable routing channels on the top, bottom, and side of the unit make parallel connections with the UPS convenient and simple.
  • Communication between cabinets is convenient and straightforward utilizing CAT5 cables to transmit system information, notifying each cabinet of the full system status.
  • Included DC breaker eliminates the need for separate overcurrent protection, making the SCiB ESS a plug-and-play feature even in the most restrictive UPS applications.
  • 480VDC SCiB ESS successfully completed the stringent Lithium Ion Battery UL 9540A thermal runaway fire risk test and is listed to the NFPA 855 Lithium Ion Battery safety standards.

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