5000 Series Industrial UPS

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5000 Series 50kVA
In 1967, Toshiba introduced the world’s first large-capacity uninterruptible power system (200 kVA).

Today, Toshiba continues that tradition with the launch of the new industrial-duty 5000 Series uninterruptible power system.

The Toshiba Industrial 5000 Series double-conversion Uninterruptible Power System is available in two configurations: a three-phase in, single-phase out 3P1 Solution and an all-new NEMA 3R Solution.

All Toshiba 5000 Series models feature industrial rated components: transistors, contactors, and capacitors designed for a 20-year lifespan as well as self-contained surge protection devices.

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5000 Series 3P1 (Indoor)

For industrial-grade applications, Toshiba offers the 5000 Series 3P1 Solution in a three-phase power input and single-phase power output configuration. The Toshiba 3P1 Solution is designed to push the boundaries of UPS performance standards in petrochemical, oil, and gas refineries. The 3P1 Solution provides a superior approach to the industrial electrical scheme with an integrated Maintenance Bypass Cabinet, mimic panel for touchscreen, and plant-style alarm indicators.

5000 Series N3R (Outdoor)

The Toshiba NEMA 3R Solution is ideal for harsh and dusty environments such as water/wastewater, mining, manufacturing, pipelines, and transportation hubs. The NEMA 3R Solution is available with or without integrated battery storage and accommodate three-phase power input and three-phase power output and utilizes all-IGBT architecture. The NEMA 3R rated enclosure is capable of withstanding operating temperatures from -10°C to 50°C.

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