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Dynamics Analysis for Smooth, Trouble-Free Operation

Toshiba provides on-site dynamic engineering services with roll up and roll down vibration analysis utilizing the popular ADRE data acquisition package. This data can be acquired utilizing plant instrumentation, but if plant instrumentation is not available, we can provide instrumentation usually utilizing seismic probes mounted on the bearing caps. This information is analyzed for various machine faults such as unbalance, misalignment, and bearing instabilities. We can provide on-site trim balancing support to correct for unbalance problems.

More information is available at: Dynamic Balancing

In addition to our vibration analysis, we also provide power train modeling to determine various dynamic characteristics of the machine train. The rotor train and support system are modeled with finite element methods to determine item such as critical speeds, mode shapes, and torsional vibrations.

The use of finite element methods to model rotor dynamics can assist in determining machine operating characteristics that cannot be seen from installed instrumentation. These results help to determine the effects of unbalance, shaft bows, and misalignment. It can also support root cause analysis and determining the effects of design changes.

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