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Critical Steam Path Solutions

Toshiba's uniquely-bundled steam path services reflect the company's commitment to supplying complete turbine repairs and replacement parts from one location. Starting with condition assessments and steam path audits, our personnel will offer repair and restoration recommendations that not only address future equipment operating conditions and efficiency, but your outage timeline as well. Project work scopes can be performed at our Milwaukee Service Center or in the field depending upon your needs.

We offer an industry-leading array of specialized steam path component repairs, including valves, steam chests, diaphragms, nozzle boxes, steam path welding, stress relief, and seal replacements. These capabilities are further augmented with reverse engineering and full turbine parts manufacturing capabilities.

Turbine Casing Weld Repairs Can Save Time & Money

Severely cracked turbine casings, especially in older operating machines, can be repaired and returned to service. We have in-house metallurgists to formulate the best repair solution. These engineers team with certified craftsmen performing qualified procedures for NDE, welding, and heat treatment. Our turbine design engineers are experienced with permanent turbine casing weld repairs. These repairs can restore critical geometries and extend the service life of the casings.

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