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Enhanced Turbine Protection & Control

Toshiba's TOSMAP DST/ev D-EHC (Digital Electro-Hydraulic Controller) and Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) are sophisticated microprocessor-based turbine governor and AVR control systems based upon Toshiba's accumulated knowledge and expertise as a world-class steam turbine manufacturer and plant constructor. Currently there are over 350 Toshiba D-EHC systems in the world and the TOSMAP DST/ev features the most advanced performance and enhanced reliability in a fully integrated platform.

D-EHC Functions

  • Full range of turbine control from start-up to shut down control
  • Reliable turbine generator protection incorporating precise overspeed protection
  • Sophisticated governor control, load regulation control and steam pressure control
  • Thermal stress and turbine life time consumption monitoring
  • Advanced start-up control with dynamic turbine stress prediction
  • Turbine auxiliary controls such as lubrication oil, jacking oil, cooling system, turning gear control, etc.
  • Incorporated turbine supervisory instruments such as vibration, expansion, and eccentricity.

Toshiba's AVR control system upgrade can provide improved generator voltage regulation and provide control and limitation functions for highly reliable operation of the generator. Toshiba has more than 100 years of history in the field of synchronous generators and has incorporated this experience to offer the latest microprocessor-based control system, designed to provide high performance, increased reliability, voltage stability, user friendliness, and ease of maintenance.

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