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Same Parts, Only Better with Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering refers to the practice of determining the material make-up and dimensions of an existing part and using that information to design a replacement part. Toshiba has an extensive staff of engineers with experience in reverse engineering and we offer a complete line of reverse engineered components, including blades, valve parts, retaining rings, generator windings, and other turbine/generator accessories.

Reverse engineering starts with a determination of the exact material make-up of the original part. This is done using positive material identification (PMI). In order to positively identify a material without physically damaging it, we use a combination of tests including a Niton Chemical Analyzer/X-Ray fluorescence, a scanning electron microscope, and hardness testing.

In its truest form, the new part would be an exact replica of the original part, but we go well beyond making an exact replica. Following our analysis and determination of the parent material, we determine if an exact match or an improvement in material or a dimensional design would be better. We discuss these options with you. Once a course of action is determined, we can program the specific dimensional information into our CNC machining equipment or machine the part manually as best fits the situation.

Toshiba's vertical integration is the key to quick response in this area. We have engineering staff on site who are highly experienced in reverse engineering turbine/generator parts. Blade manufacturing is completed in-house. And, in order to ensure rapid turnaround of your blades and other components, we maintain an extensive inventory of raw materials.

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