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Keeping Your Generator Running Soundly

Toshiba's power generation services group offers a full line of generator testing to support your inspection requirements. Our specially trained generator specialists will test your generator to your requirements and they are supported by the company's large staff of electrical, mechanical, and dynamics engineers. With combined experience that encompasses all major OEM models, we are well equipped to test, diagnose, and assess the condition of your generator, whether it is in the field or at our facility.

Rotor Testing & Inspection Services

  • Electrical testing consistent with IEEE, ANSI, and NEMA standards, including:
    • Insulation resistance and polarization index
    • DC resistance
    • AC impedance and pole-to-pole voltage drop testing
    • RSO - Repetitive Surge Oscilloscope testing
  • Collector lead stud seal leak testing
  • Beneath retaining ring visual inspection with video-scope
  • Retaining ring inspection and testing (rings on or rings off)
  • Visual inspection and assessment
  • Flux probe testing
  • Bearing journal and collector ring dimensional checks

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