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New technologies and shifts in the industry can result in the need to change the configuration and operation of existing power plants. Toshiba’s “Turbine Steam Path Upgrade” technology offers a solution to meet that need.

Upgrade Options:

  • Steam Path Upgrade
  • Control System Upgrade
  • Material Upgrade
  • Cartridge replacement

Feasibility study should be carried out due to restriction for turbine steam path upgrade

  • Steam velocity of steam piping
  • Maximum pressure and temperature for original turbine design
  • Transmission torque
  • Condenser duty vs. Vacuum
  • Generator and transformer capacity
  • Condensate/Feed water pumps and motors
  • HRSGs

Example: Last Stage Bucket Replacements

  • Design and manufacture of advanced 40”, 35”, 33.5”, 30”, 26” and 23” LSB (Last Stage Blade) for 60Hz unit
  • Over 350 Rows in operation

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