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Operation and Maintenance Brochures


Toshiba provides maintenance services that contribute to stability in long-term plant operations and improvements in energy availability and efficiency.

Toshiba is...

"A Proven BWR Technology Supplier" - Toshiba focuses on advanced BWR technology.

"More than 50 years Experience" - Toshiba has a longstanding record of achievements that contribute to the operation and safe maintenance of nuclear power plants in Japan.

"Flexible Solution Provider" - Toshiba fulfills technical and commercial project requirements.

More specifically, Toshiba provides the following services:

Monitoring and Testing of Technologies to Identify Plant Status and Detecting Errors at an Early Stage


Preventive Maintenance Technology for Ensuring Long-Term Operations

Repairing and Reinforcing Technologies Required for Plant Maintenance and Function


Technologies for Replacement and Upgrading of Equipment and Performance Improvements


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