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Turbine & Generator System Brochures

Efficient and Highly Qualified Turbine and Generator Systems for Nuclear Power Plants

Advanced Boiling Water Reactor
For over 50 years, Toshiba has provided advanced turbine and generator systems for nuclear power plants. Specifically, Toshiba installed turbine and generator systems at the following plants in Japan:

  • Fukushima-Daiichi Unit3, Unit5
  • Fukushima-Daini Unit1, Unit3
  • Onagawa Unit1, Unit2
  • Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Unit1, Unit2, Unit3
  • Higashidori Unit1


Turbine Generator

AP1000 Project

As a representative of Toshiba’s Nuclear Energy Systems & Services Division, TANE is involved in AP1000 projects in the United States by providing Toshiba’s reliable and proven turbine and generator systems. TANE works to ensure on-time delivery of high quality components from a myriad of global suppliers, and carefully manages the quality of materials and equipment procured in the U.S.

In the North America

Toshiba offers a variety of solutions for turbines and generator systems, including equipment replacement. Toshiba’s comprehensive engineering capabilities in turbine and generator systems encompass a broad range of activities, from research & development to design, manufacturing, procurement, construction, installation and start-up.

For more information, visit Toshiba America Energy Systems Corporation.